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Myrtha Dor, Director, Star of Hope, Haiti Reports...

We have been in Bois Negresse for multiple purposes. Upon all we have done, we have distributed special gift money to 20 children. We have questioned the children to know what they will do with their money. In this new group of children, Cedras Erilus said he would like to do like his older brother Clivens who received special gift money in 2014 and had done great things with his money.

Back in early 2014, Clivens Erilus received money from 2 of his sponsors. His mom Eveline put both amounts together and bought a female sheep for him that was almost ready to give birth. After a month, the sheep gave birth to 2 female babies. From these 3 females sheep and through March 2015 Clivens had 11 sheep.

In March 2015, a thief passed by and took 7 them. 6 of them didn’t want to make the walk with the thief and returned to Clivens. Clivens said that although the sheep returned and was happy, he didn’t sleep nearly for days thinking if ever the thief came back. One day he had the bright idea to own a cow. So, he decided with his mom to sell 9 sheep and bought a gazelle and still keep a female sheep to restart.

Clivens who is 9 years old says he’s happy because owning a cow means big savings for a family in Bois Negresse. He hopes by 2016 his cow will be ready to produce and the female sheep will have many babies behind.

Before going to school, Clivens walks both animals and leave them nearby the school where they can find food. After school, he walks them back home and go to collect woods and water for the family cooking and sometimes come back with herbs for both animals.

Clivens is still thanking his sponsors for gifting him some money that was gifted with their heart for a purpose that the time is revealing. He encourages all parents to act like his mom by taking good decision with the special gift money for their children. He advises his mom to save on Cedras new special gift money to buy him a sheep.

All children and parents thank all sponsors for the special gift money. While Clivens said his money was more than special but was a blessed money!


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