Flood in our schools!

Today we are forced to send you an emergency call due to the severe flood that hit our sponsored children in the Philippines.

The Philippines has been ravished by several typhoons this past week. Then typhoon Vamco smashed the islands yesterday, dumping extreme amounts of rainfall.

This rain led to floods in the eastern and southern parts of the Philippines. The largest island Luzon, where both Star of Hope, schools are located, was flooded, and much property loss has occurred.

The school located in Infanta is in the countryside and is built on a plateau. It was not flooded by typhoons. However, the students' simple homes that stood unprotected directly on the ground were flooded and damaged. The kids are in the first to sixth grade. So much is lost!

Our head of operations in the Philippines, Gani Coruña, has given us the following status report via a swaying telephone line:
“The school in Infanta has functioned as an evacuation center for about 50 families and helped them escape the muddy, waist-deep water. Based on the circumstances, everyone is fine, but the children are scared and many families' houses are more or less destroyed.”

Now, these families need all the help they can get! There is a lot of worries now due to Covid and the state of the union yet imagine our children living in this disaster with no hope. You are their hope!
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Thank you - This is so serious!

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Thank you for helping the disaster victims!

Mark Presson

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