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Reported by a caretaker at  Liepaja special boarding school sponsored in part by Star of Hope in Latvia.

There were a couple of holidays in the first week of May. Most of the people were very happy to enjoy the beautiful spring, to look at the blossoming trees and flowers!

Little Janis doesn't like the holidays too much. He doesn't have to attend school on holidays and that means that he will have to spend all the time in the children's home. Little Janis attends Liepaja special boarding school. He likes it at school. He is diligent and teachers praise him.

Not long ago it was Easter. After these holidays the teacher of nature gave task to every pupil to fill a pot with soil and then to sow 5 seeds of French marigolds and 3 seeds of sweet peas. Marigolds were the first to sprout and then it was the turn of the sweet peas. What jobs there will be after these holidays? Classroom's window-sill has become so green. Marigolds have grown thicker and the sweet peas have stretched quite tall. When the flowers are attended to, it is time to color the coloring book. Janis tries to hold the pencil right, but it still manages to color a bit outside the black borderline. The teacher reminds that it is time to go to the sports hall. First of all Janis has to take a bag with the sports costume and footwear from the locker and to put them on in correct order. Janis is proud that he can do it himself. The teacher helps a little bit to put his everyday clothes in order. They must be put on the chair accurately.

While Janis does his exercises, a strange car drives into the school yard. The first to notice it were the 1st grade children – 6 pairs of curious eyes flatten against the window. Children know one of the visitors, but who could be the other two? Who will be the lucky one they have come to visit?

While the visitors and the first graders watch each other, Janis has returned from the sports hall. He tries to put away his sports suit and trainers into back to the bag. The doors are being opened and there are a few people standing there. The teacher says that this time "it is Janis who has visitors."

"It can't be true" thinks Janis. "Nobody comes to me!" He is not sure if heard correctly what the teacher said and goes on with trying to put on his sandals. He is so nervous that his fingers don't listen. Janis is very confused. It is safer to watch the visitors from afar. A classmate, Justins tries to help Janis. He hurries to show his exercise books and flower pot with marigolds. In his jealousy boasts that in his pot there are 2 sweet peas but in Janis' pot only one! It is clear that Justins has a heavy heart. He is from the children's home as well and he is also looking forward to somebody visiting him. There is no time for Justins to be jealous for long. He has to help Janis to open the presents which the Godparents have brought.

Janis doesn't know anything! The hand should be given to the God mother,"Justins says. He does everything for the visitors to like it at school. When all the marigolds have been shown and all sweet peas measured, when the lunch was eaten and the school seen, Justins has to go back to the classroom because guests with Janis head for a walk in the town. One pack of candies from the present box Janis leaves for his classmates, but the present box itself is what Janis doesn't let out of his hands. Then an outing is started.

The first place of visit is the sea. There is a strong wind blowing that is why the small company decides to go to town. There is a bookshop in the centre of Liepaja where visitors can have a coffee and cakes. Janis chooses ice cream. It can be seen that the children from Liepaja childrens' home are accustomed to be in the public spaces. Thanks to Star of Hopes it is possible not only to show the children where the ice cream is sold but also to buy it and eat it in public space, remember theese are most special children and have different special needs.

Janis enjoys his happy hours to the fullest extent, the big ice cream glass is soon empty yest Janis tries to eat it as slowly as possible. Even though he takes tiny bite at a time, the ice cream subsides quickly.

Godmother Sirka has found a good solution to the looming sadness. Janis can choose children's books. There is no problem with that as Janis knows what he wants. When the purchase is packed and given to the young reader, it is time to go back to the children's home.

"Can they take me with them" Janis whispers in my ear. "Please tell the God mother that I would really want a real family and a real home!"


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