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Our latest Swedish Star Team arrived in Bois Negresse June 10th around 1:00 PM. More than 300 children from the area met inside the luscious pine forest to welcome them with song then they walked the 500 yards to the school singing all the way to the school singing, of course holding the Swedish and Haitian flag. On behalf of the school staff and the children Mr. Andre Denis make a speech to welcome the Swedish team in Bois Negresse.

Star of Hope Swedish Star team in Bois Negres Haiti

It was a very emotional moment. The team looked very happy to be in this place to help children to paint the new school building. Today it is planned to get everything ready to start the painting tomorrow morning. Tonight the youth in Bois Negresse will meet the team to share ideas and to talk about environmental problem in Haiti. Every evening the youth plan to meet the team for debate on different subject that concern all youth. The temperature in Bois Negresse is 60 F min and 70 F max, so the team enjoys fresh temperature in Bois Negresse. Tony reporting via a mobile device.

Note from Star of Hope:

The "work team" is part of the Swedish E-Team from Skorped Sweden, a group of youth who are very involved in spreading the Gospel. They work hard at this by having a blast, singing dancing and through theater. They have gone on the road to raise funds for Haiti and to today's date have raised many tens of thousands of dollars for Haiti. These funds have been used mainly for water projects. The group has sent representatives twice to Haiti to check their project and to do work.



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