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20-year-old Esteli was one of many tough challenges for Stefan Rede and the Star of Hope medical team that visited Haiti just after the earthquake. When the team met him a few weeks after the earthquake, had his leg suffered gangrene and the broken foot was so torn that it was endangering his life.

Esteli refused to allow us to amputate the leg, although his legs were infected hard and we were sure that he would die. Stefan Rede tells of the difficult decisions the team had to make several times a day. Losing a leg in Haiti is for many the same as losing their lives. In a society with no social safety net is the one with a disability are completely vulnerable and rely on begging, prostitution or crime. Esteli did not want to end up there. I understand them. They wanted was my best, they are a doctor and knows his stuff, but I did not give up. How could I get by with only one leg?

It was an extremely difficult decision, for Stefan and his team, but also for the Esteli and his parents. They did not lose his son but still respect his choice. We cut away the dead tissue, muscle adjusted as best I could and transplanted skin from the thigh to cover the large wound. The rest we leave to God.

The extensive surgery had not been possible without the expertise that existed in the medical team. And the miracle happened, Esteli survived! A month later, he could leave the hospital, he walked with the aid of crutches - but had both legs intact.

Since then, Stefan has performed another surgery on his leg and in the autumn of 2011, an orthopedic surgeon from Sweden, operated leg further. The goal is a fully functioning leg and a life without crutches. I am extremely grateful to Stefan and his team that they respected my decision. I know it will take time and require much training before I'm fully recovered but I have two legs to walk on and in the autumn, I hope I can go back to school.

KU StarTeam Posted this video on their trip which ends tomorrow when they return to the USA.

StarTeam members truly make a difference! 

Star of Hope strives to help with the economic famine that exists in the communities where we work. It is a difficult and complex issue but one that cries out for a solution. Without a commerce base, sustainabilty of any project in a community is in serious doubt.

Kansas volunteer StarTeam visited the Carrefour Children's Home

Enjoy some of their activities with the 100+ children who call this home.

StarTeam volunteer trips meet spriitual, emotional and physical needs of the children helped through Star of Hope around the world. For information on how you can be a part please contact us.

The next trip is a construction group, building a Preschool Annex in Jeanton Haiti. They will also do some repair to make sure the roof is secure for the upcoming storm season. Work teams provide encouragement for the local people who struggle with daily survival and give them a sense of not being alone.This team is short of funds to meet their incountry expenses. Please consider a donation to assist with this need. You may give on-line, by phone or mail.

Each StarTeam Volunteer has a story. Here Pastor Henry from Great Bend, Kansas shares his week in Haiti four months after the earthquake. If you wish to contact him or have a StarTeam Volunteer come to your church or group and present their own story, contact us here.

You can be a part by either going as a StarTeam Volunteer or giving to help make it possible for others to go. To make a donation just click here.

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