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This music and video were produced in Sweden on Star of Hope International's behalf for release on the first anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, here is some background on how it came to be.


Simon Ådahl became familiar to many Swedes, Europeans, and people across the globe due to the effects of winning the Swedish Melody festival with his band Edin-Ådahl. Now he has sung the duet "I intend to pray for Ukraine" with Peo Thyren from Noice a classic rock band, and all the money goes to the charity Star of Hope’s work in Ukraine.

The song was written back in 2004 and is called in the original version "I'm thinking of praying for Sweden". It spread widely, first in churches and then much more widely. With a version in English and Korean respectively, with a text about the reunification of North and South Korea, it had a big impact in several Asian countries, which led to Simon and his brother Frank Ådahl having to perform it in a packed Jakarta Stadium in Indonesia in front of 120,000 people. The event was also broadcast live to 15 million TV viewers. The pandemic stopped the Ådahl brothers' planned tour in Korea.

In the fall of 2022, Simon Ådahl was contacted by a pastor in Smaland Sweden named Petter Edin, who had changed the text to "I'm thinking of praying for Ukraine", and wondered if it was okay for them to sing it in his congregation. Ådahl gave his approval and did not think more about the matter until a few months later when Lennart Eriksson from Star of Hope got in touch and, on behalf of the charity, wondered if Simon Ådahl would consider making a new recording called "I intend to pray for Ukraine" ". As there was already a text on that theme, it was quickly possible to enter the studio, and when Peo Thyren got in touch and suggested that he and Ådahl should do something together in the Slowbeat studio in Gavle Sweden but didn't quite know what, he was immediately invited to participate in the recording.

During January, both a Swedish and an English version of "Pray for Ukraine" was recorded and a music video was also recorded. In parallel, translations have been made into Ukrainian and Romanian and will be recorded shortly. "I intend to pray for Ukraine" will be released on all streaming platforms on February 24, the anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

"We did not plan at all for this recording to be made. It just happened in a way that feels supernatural and where puzzle piece after puzzle piece just fell into place," says Simon Ådahl.

"When so much misery is happening around the world and at home in Sweden, it is important not to forget Ukraine. With this song, we want to continue to remind people of the unimaginable evil that the people of Ukraine have suffered," says Peo Thyren.

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