Star of Hope and #skipittogiveit is changing people, donors and recipients alike. The third year of the “Skip it to Give it” campaign is soon rolling over to year four. We use the hashtag #skipittogiveit” and our hashtag says it all! You Skip something small and give the cost to a truly needy person. See the video below.

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How to rebuild when you are hit over and over and over...


Typical kitchen, a happy one this day.

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So close to the USA

What can I do you might say, Together you and the “Skip it to Give it” campaign can literally change the lives of people in Haiti, just by applying a few simple steps to your and your family's everyday living can bring about a huge change. Imagine thinking about others before buying that Starbucks coffee, or that half dozen Dunkin Donuts, a movie night or a dinner out... and taking those few dollars and giving them to help feed the hungry in Haiti?

A movement can begin with one person sharing about this campaign while catalyzing others to see the need before they spend the green. Being a living example of “Skip it to Give it” to others honors God and makes your light shine a little brighter in a dark world here and there.

On our "skip it to give it page" is everything you need to know about the “Skip it to Give it” campaign, our friend Pastor Jonathan also explains all in a short video and there is the sign-up!

Sara Williams, the project manager is also here to help answer your questions or to give you guidance along the way. If you have any questions, contact her at 620-938-4525.

Please click on the "SITGI" page and thank you in advance for helping Haiti to succeed by starting your “Skip it to Give it” campaign today. Let’s all #skipittogiveit

Do you Need a Video to help you decide? Here is a video of our friend, Pastor Jonathan, he explains this much better! 




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 Do this at home are at Church or do you belong to a group that can implement "Skip it to Give it"? Give us a Call at 866 653 0321 for clear information on how to get started!

Your action can be like a seed that was thrown and does grow.



The girls and all of us say, Thank You




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