Our prayers go out to Houston and the victims of the flooding. 

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Many have asked if we are collecting for the efforts and the answer is no, we do not work in the USA however if you are having trouble deciding who to give to please do your research.

Here are some tips from #huffingtonpost:

1. The IRS Nonprofit Charities Database has a tool called “The Exempt Organizations Select Check Tool”. This tool allows you to enter the name of an organization and see if the organization is exempt or not. It is important to verify that an organization that claims to have a 501(c)(3) tax exemption is actually exempt. If the organization is not exempt, your donation will not be tax-deductible.

2. Charity Navigator rates charities based on their financial health, accountability, and transparency to help donors make informed decisions about their contributions. #CharityNavigator has evaluated over 8,000 tax-exempt charities. If your chosen organization is not included, you should be sure to find out why.

3. #GuideStar maintains information on 501(c)(3) nonprofits. Financial documents, such as the 990, help you evaluate the legitimacy of an organization. The 990 discloses where and how an organization’s donations are spent, including the earnings of top officers. All nonprofits are required to have up-to-date 990’s available to the public. If an organization does not have this info readily available or is not forthcoming if you request it from them, you may want to reconsider your donation.

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Foto:#NASA Harvey 

Also please Pray:

For the safety of those in the path of #HurricaneHarvey.
For the many people, churches, and families affected by this hurricane as they face an unknown future.


Some organizations that I feel you should look and decide for yourself are:

The Greater Houston Community Foundation @greaterhoucf https://ghcf.org/

EFCA ReachGlobal Crisis Response @TheEFCA https://go.efca.org/

Star of Hope Mission (unaffiliated with star of hope us)  @StarOfHope www.sohmission.org

Good Church Houston https://www.goodchurch.us/ 



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