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"Gaare Nursery" is a project found in the Upper East Region of Ghana. It is about 10 miles east of Bolgatanga , the regional capital. The people from the village normally go to market for shopping. The market is open every third day in Bolgatanga. The Star of Hope school kitchen staff also makes it to the market on one of these days when they receive the support for the school feeding program.

Serious shoppers arriving at Market in Bolgatanga Ghana.

Normally three people go to market, the head of the school, the cook and one kitchen staff member. On the 5th of May 2012, which was a market day, these people went to the market to buy foodstuffs and other food items needed for the running of the school. Items bought included rice which is locally produced. To buy rice it is measured in a bowl which holds about 1.5 quarts. A price of this bowl of rice depends on its variety and quality. Most of the people in the region prefer the local rice to the polished rice or the flavores rices because they think that the locally made rice is more nutritious. So we bargain and were able to buy a good quality of rice which was expensive.

We know "good rice".


We know even how "good rice sounds"

We looked for beans and Gari too. Gari is a fine to coarse granular flour of varying texture made from cassava tubers (also called cassava roots) which are cleaned after harvesting, grated, the water and starch are squeezed out of it. Is is then left to ferment and is then fried in palm oil. Gari serves as a major staple food in West Africa. It is also called garri or gali in some parts of sub-Saharan Africa. Beans also are measured in bowls and come in different varieties. Before we bought the beans we looked for the good quality beans, devoid of pests and then again bargained for it. For Gari, we do not measure in bowls. It is already in a full sack. Before we bought we checked the sack to see to it that it was of a good quality before we bought.

Measuring up the fish.

The combination of these two food items is very nutritious food and it is one of the children's favorite foods. We also bought: Palm oil, vegetable oil, cans of tomato paste, herring, pepper, onions, salt, magi cubes (bullion), and soap for washing cooking utensils. After the food were bought, somebody was hired to load the food items on "pull trucks" to the Gaare lorry station for transportation to the school.

Take it to the bus please.


Waiting for the bus home to Garre. Where is Gaare?

The attached pictures are some of the pictures of the food items which were bought in the market.

Thank you Ambrose Asmah, Director, Star of Hope Ghana


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