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Maria Presson and Ulrika Kallin representing Star of Hope USA and Star of Hope Sweden are in Iasi Romania visiting children in a Star of Hope center; here children with disabilities and their parents get the help and education they need to move forward. Inbetween meetings is playtime! 



Ulrika Kallin

Maria Presson told us "I'm so impressed with the work at the Star of Hope center for children with disabilities. I have been blessed with the opportunity to see the children develop over the years. The children have become more than anyone ever thought they could, be is a wonderful experience."



The Star of Hope Romania Foundation is a Romania nongovernmental organization, apolitical, established in 1998, having the headquarters in Iasi. The mission of the foundation is to improve the quality of the life of children in need, especially those with disabilities. Since 2011, the foundation operates 12 centers for children with disabilities and of course for the families too. "Star of Hope reaches over 500 children each month and nearly 2000 people total every month!" reports Maria Presson.


Star of Hope is also working actively to change the attitudes of health professionals and political leaders. The sight of these children with special needs has long been characterized by the notion that people with special needs cannot contribute to society and that therefore they are inferior. Instead, they have been placed in institutions, where they had to endure both physical and psychological abuse. They never get out of bed, do not learn to walk, talk, feed themselves, dress themselves or do without a diaper. There was simply no time to give every child adequate care. The children were under-stimulated and forced to a life without the possibility to develop as human beings and live full lives.




In 2007, Star of Hope Romania began projects in neighboring Moldova, with the goal to improve the lives of children with special needs and socially excluded children.

We need your support to change lives is expensive working one on one and this situation demands one on one teaching.

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See reports here: https://www.starofhope.us/romania-moldova/coneference-report-from-romania

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