In Argentina, Star of Hope has been hit by a national problem and it is called "squatting". Many landowners in Argentina have fallen prey to squatters. There are individuals and families but even professional squatters in action, the idea is very simple people want to get the landowners land for free; for themselves or even as a contract job for a third party.

The squatters, it is reported, are usually immigrants and are fleeing from slums. They're moving on to empty fields, soccer fields, federal land or any place that can get them away from crime-ridden slums. What a thought, to be so poor you and your family live in a slum and have to move to a grass lot or other to escape poor on poor crime.




Land is larger lot.

The situation is at best a double whammy with emotional on both sides but land owners should be helped and private land should be just that.

Our work at this project is located in Sáenz Peñais, Argentina. We have through our partners, "El Buen pastor" helped thousands of women, men, and children. This help is based on Biblical teaching and actions and more.

We need help to build a wall to protect this land. It is not cheap. It is a large piece of land, the whole yard is about 100 yards by 400 yards and the squatters occupy north portion.

The price tag is $100,000 dollars to secure the land with a brick wall and continue Gods work, this land is in danger of being lost.

Pray that a big donor might step up and help out or perhaps many will help quickly with a gift,

Contact Star of Hope 866 653 0321 and please pray for El Buen Pastor and Star of Hope.

Read a more detailed article here.


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