Together this year, we experienced the joy and accomplishment of changing children’s lives and spreading the Gospel.

This year our year-end giving will be used primarily to shore up our budget where it is most needed, for a new much-needed water well in Rigaud, Haiti, and for supporting our new Awana International project. Your gift is a hand up and has the potential to make thousands of boys and girls happy. To give them joy by showing them love can create a positive change in the children and ultimately a whole community. It will, I bet, make you feel warm and fuzzy inside too.

I had the opportunity last month to visit our projects in Haiti where I looked at 2 new water wells we drilled in Marigot. They are good wells and will provide water long into the future and help many thousands of people. Praise God! However, one project I visited in Rigaud is in desperate need for clean water. Their two wells have gone dry. This is a great tragedy. First, the school water station went dry, and then the reverse osmosis and selling point station. The 2 dry holes make it a dreary situation. We need to drill again so the children and leaders do not have to use dirty water. One drilled well costs about $7,000 dollars.


While in Haiti I also followed up on our fantastic new partnership with Awana International. We are presenting the Gospel in a structured format to the youngest ages (6-8) this year and we will continue next year as well. Our goal is to add the next age group, but without support, this will be difficult. To continue to grow this project we need materials; we only have to pay the copy costs. This is a great program and is simply Biblical missions done right.


In Romania, our prayers are being answered. After 15 years of work, a dream came true. In Dorohoi, the number of children with disabilities that need assistance increased last period and the old facilities weren’t big enough. On November 3rd over 28 kids with disabilities and their families received a new center. At our inauguration many people came together to celebrate; Star of Hope representatives, members of community, kids, and parents.

“The Star of Hope Romania team, including the team in Dorohoi, didn’t give up in face of obstacles, even if there were times when there seemed to be no solutions. We are not used to giving up. I am very proud of you"-Lennart Eriksson


For your year-end, tax-deductible gift please keep Star of Hope in mind. Together we can:

  • Provide clean water
  • Teach children about Christ
  • Support a growing local community,

Huge resources are needed for our 20,000 kids in 15 countries.

You are very important to Star of Hope and we thank you for your support!

Please pray and consider a year-end gift to Star of Hope. Donate online at www.starofhope.us/give or use the enclosed coupon.

May you be healed and restored as you sleep tonight. And may you wake up with fresh faith and vision for the days ahead. God bless you!

Mark Presson CEO 1-866 653 0321

PS: Any check dated before December 31st is tax deductible for the year 2018.

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