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Water, just plain water and yet life-giving. So easily we take for granted our clean fresh water. Of course, for us who live here in the USA, we are solaced by the fact that the water faucet just needs a small turn and the life-giving liquid will flow and usually never do we give it a second thought.

We want to do our part in providing water to some of the almost 50% in Haiti who have no access to an improved water source.

Some of our schools have no dependable source of clean water. For home use children help by carrying water from the public water sources far away; a stream, a water kiosk or a cistern. Also, many health issues are central to clean water; it is a statistical fact that clean water would reduce the number of deaths caused by diarrhea and other intestinal diseases by 50%.

This is a simple defined project with a clear start and finish, a new working water well.

We drill two sizes of wells in Haiti:
• Star of Hope together with grants from Blue Ridge Drilling in Haiti can drill a new well at a subsidized price in a water-poor community for only $5,000 dollars. This will be a simple hand pump unit.
• For $27,000 dollars we can drill and build a solar-powered water kiosk. The population served varies.

Let’s just break that down in a different syntax; warnings exist that only one in three on earth will have clean water in the future. Let’s drill now, so we can hedge the expected decrease of water and give improved water to people who have none.

Star of Hope a US 501(C)(3), established (est. 1966) helps more than 30,000 children and young people across the world. We strive to motivate the children with an education so they can create a better future not only for themselves but for their communities.
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Our Mission is to help the poorest children around the world create a better life for themselves.

Our Vision is a world where all children have an opportunity to become educated, healthy adults, get involved in their communities and share their love of Jesus Christ.

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