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Almost every autumn, our schoolyard in Taytay is flooded when the typhoons enter the Philippines during the rainy season. Now we finally have a chance to do something about it. We have had the opportunity to invest in a heavy pumping machine for just $1100. (This is a high capacity used pump that fits the need)

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A new academic year has begun for our 1800 students in the Philippine slum area Taytay. Unfortunately, the children not only have lessons and breaks to look forward to, but also the annual rainstorms that haul in across the country. When the clouds open up, and the water level rises in the nearby lake Laguna de Baý, both streets and homes are submerged.

People are forced to seek shelter in makeshift rescue centers, and we have several times let families stay on the second floor of our school. The ground floor is, unfortunately, no alternative - for our schoolyard belongs to the first thing that is flooded. At major floods, both school furniture and school supplies have been destroyed. We don't want to let it happen again!

We have increased the ground level of the school, but it has not been enough. The schoolyard is still in a sink compared to the area around it. Therefore, before the next typhoon pulls in over the area, we want to buy in a powerful water pump with a long water hose that makes it possible for us to pump out the water from the school area to nearby sewage systems. The small pumps we had access to simply aren't enough.



Pumps were purchased (update 7 2020)

We have been looking for a quality machine with a long range and high capacity, and one of these is now available for $1100, That's the sum we need to get in as soon as possible. Therefore, we turn to you and other faithful donors with a question, do you have the opportunity to help us?


Warm greetings

Mark Presson


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