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You, who are engaged for the children of the Philippines have been able to read about the many exciting breakthroughs in the slums of Taytay, in the outskirts of Manila in Rizal. The question today is, how it has changed since we were there last time? Here is the answer!


As late as February, the girl's dorm was only a concrete skeleton, adorned with protruding reinforcing iron, to roast after the monsoon season's skies. The upper floor of the building, which stood exposed to the sky, is now finally protected by a roof - and on the floors below febrile activity is ongoing. As the future class and lecture halls are painted in bright colors, the future looks brighter for all the sponsored children who will soon get their education here.


This is what it looks like now; The home for vulnerable girls, you might recall last year there was no more than a hope. The façade has doors, shutters and window glass, the walls have been painted and on the roof leads a sheltered cabin down to the house upstairs where there was only a gaping hole in the last. Thanks to the support of donors and donors, we can soon enter a building with dormitories, kitchens and dining rooms within the school's protective walls. "Star Dorm" is intended to be a sheltered accommodation for girls and young women in the area who for various reasons can not feel safe in their own homes.


In the same school area, there is now a small playground for the youngest with sandbox, slides and rocking toys. There is no doubt that it is appreciated by the children! Some donors may even find their own grandchildren on this picture?


We have previously told of Campus Ministry, our commitment to preventing the abuses in close relationships, which is why Stars Dorm is needed today. Previously, high school students at our Taytay school every week participate in talks about ethics, morals and values; love and humanity, rights and obligations. The goal is to strengthen the self-esteem of the girls and make the boys see the men's role in a new light; to focus on non-violence and respect for the opposite sex. In connection with the beginning of the autumn term, the work of the Campus Ministry was expanded to include the entire elementary school, from the first grade. In this way, the foundation of a new generation of mutual respect between the sexes is laid.


We have said so many times before, and it is true every time it is said:
Without you, we would not be able to help a single child. Without your caring and generosity, the world would be a bit darker. No one can do anything, but everyone can do something, and together we do something that is worth being proud of. then you the donor can feel proud to be a joy-spreader and a possibility creator!

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