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Today is World Autism day, you can't help all but you can help one!

Edited article from Aurora Vatamaniuc - SOH Romania



Cosmin is a young man (23 years old) with autism, a beneficiary of the Star of Hope Iasi Recovery Therapy Center. After years and years of therapy, Cosmin has evolved and managed to integrate into the community but in Germany, not in Romania. Here, in Romania, Cosmin was rejected, he was not accepted and he couldn`t find a job. Instead, he found a job in a small town in Germany. Unfortunately, he could only rejoice for a few months because ... He was discovered by doctors with malignant tumor carcinoma stage IV A ... The boy now URGENTLY needs help. Upon hearing the news, the parents - simple and very financially modest people - borrowed money and fled to Germany to help their boy. He is now in a German public hospital in Wurzburg. Hospital food costs 11 dollars/day. The parents' trip to the hospital means another 60 dollars /week. Renting an apartment for parents costs 850 dollars/month, without utilities. So far, the boy's medical tests have cost 350 dollars and there is still a lot to do. Chemotherapy follows ...

Because the boy worked with documents until he got sick, he still has medical insurance, but to prolong it he needs to go to work a few days a week. Cosmin is not able to work now. .. Parents are desperate and implore the help of God and ours, of people who understand the suffering of their neighbor.

The destiny of Cosmin's family was hard to test from the beginning. If their eldest son was born normally, the middle son (Cosmin) was diagnosed as young with autism. He often had severe attacks of self-harm, of aggression. Through therapy, things calmed down. The little one has asthma and always has severe seizures, always needing treatment. All this happened many, many years ago, in a single dormitory room.

They asked us for help and we helped them move to a small and very modest house, with the involvement of a Christian organization from Switzerland and Noel, through the family of Ana and Dan Maftei from Iași. The Star of Hope Romania Foundation then helped them repair windows, walls, doors, roofs. Although they are both ill, the parents work hard to have something to put on the children's table and help them with everything they can. The father was hospitalized several times with serious illnesses, but even in these conditions, he worked from morning to evening.

In every difficult situation, this family went through, we intervened and helped them with money, medicine, food. In 2020, the eldest child found work in Germany and went to work there. However, he did not earn much, from the little he obtained, he helped his family at home. At the end of last year, the middle one decided to go to his brother, to work with him. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with jaw cancer there. The tumor is extending right now to the nose and ear.

Until he got sick, Cosmin worked with documents, so he still has medical insurance, but to prolong it he needs to go to work a few days a week ... The boy is not able to work now….

Because the boy needs immediate urgent help with a very good medical treatment, specific food, and medical analyses, we started a fundraising campaign. Aurora Vatamaniuc the director of Star of Hope Romania donated her birthday and now we are going to go on with this campaign, to raise the money Cosmin needs.

We are sure that together we can alleviate the terrible pain in the hearts of these parents and we can restore hope to this boy!

Everyone who can help him with a small donation can through this link Romanian:




Here, you can see Cosmin's message from his hospital bed.

Cosmin video message In Romanian


Thank you all for helping this boy and God bless you!

Aurora Vatamaniuc

Executive president Star of Hope Romania Foundation


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