Gifts can warm cold hearts

In Romania Elena, Ion, and their children live near the Romanian/Moldova border
with, where the winter temperatures in the area can reach as low as 4 degrees below zero.
The winds howl right through their ill-equipped home as if it were a dog house. The
children have to take turns leaving home because they only have one pair of shoes
to share. They must huddle around their wood-burning stove as their sole source of
heat, carefully rationing their limited wood supply.


Elena lies awake at night hearing the grumbling of her children’s empty stomachs,
worrying about how long the food in her pantry will last. Seeing them hungry and
not being able to warm them properly, cuts into her heart. She longs for a consistent
supply of firewood and nutritious food for little David. He looks so happy in her arms,
but his clothes hide a malnourished infant’s body.

But hope refuses to die. It is brought to life by a single gift, a single friendly gesture
from people like you.

The Gospel can heal broken hearts
We are celebrating 30 years of outreach in Romania, during which more
than 20,000 children and thousands of families have been helped.
We carried out more than 100 projects aimed at helping children with
disabilities, combating discriminatory perspectives and supporting a
a multitude of people in their times of distress and difficulty.

With great excitement, we share with you that In the last year alone God has reached
over 1,050 hearts through our support groups for mothers, the Alpha and Beta Bible
courses, and Tent Mission in 10 separate areas of Romania.

We also organized evangelism camps, where youth from churches were involved in
learning how to serve the Roma and other poor children. It was a challenge for them
as they had to overcome cultural and social barriers. For a week we experienced the
gospel without barriers. There were children who came out of their native villages,
heard the Gospel, slept in a clean bed, and used an interior toilet for the first time.

In the Star of Hope Romania Center, many parents who have a child with a disability

come for help after learning their child’s diagnosis. A multidisciplinary team offers
guidance and they then choose to be part of a monthly support group. Now over
400 families have participated in these support groups. Here, the parents of children
with disabilities find peace and acceptance. The fathers learn coping skills to be
an involved parent, choosing to remain as the head of their families, rather than
choosing abandonment.



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18 landerThanks to you, Star of Hope works in 15 countries around the world.

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Also because of people like you, more than 30,000 children receive education and care through Star of Hope.


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