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Golden Autumn – Thanksgiving day in Dimacheni, an an isolated village in the far North East Romania, almost forgotten by the world. The town has 200 families and for the majority of the population, the basic occupation is agriculture. People live on working in the field, but they have a very big problem because they do not have water to soak the ground so that the plants can grow and the fact that they do not have seeds to plant them in the ground does not help.

But the miracle appeared in the lives of some families, namely when the Star of Hope Foundation and Tent mission started a project in the village of Dimacheni to help these families and address the issues.Besides the fact that 35 children come to the Star of Hope center where they learn and get a wholesome meal, these families have received support from the donors to achieve what they could never achieve previously.

This year was the first time when the gardens of the families from the project were full of herbs and rich fruit. Being guided by the foundation's staff, they learned how to plant the given seeds and how to care for the land to make it better for growing, they said "rich".

This summer, these families had food on the table. God has made the fruit grow and his land rich fruit for these families in need.We were amazed and impressed by what we saw this autumn after the work and dedication: the gardens were full of onions, carrots, cucumbers, red beets, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, corn.

"We have been married for almost 20 years and we have 8 children. I never had so many vegetables and so much harvest as this year. After 20 years of marriage we managed to have a wonderful garden, we ate "all of us" (the family size is 10) this summer, and in a small pantry we have vegetables, pickled for winter; we have never succeeded in this before", says Mrs. Grosu Ana with pride and joy in her heart.
Also, the Radinschi family, which has a beauty of all beauty, had early and enough vegetables for the family and for their neighbors. "I have always wanted greenhouse where I can plant vegetables that will not be affected by weather changes from outside. This was a dream and I did not think there would be anyone to help me fulfill it. Even though it was hard and I had to work a lot, I enjoyed seeing vegetables growing up and talking to them every morning and this was not in vain because we had vegetables all summer for both our family and our neighbors.


Even in the Lacatusu family with 8 children, the situation has never been better, they have never had enough food, but this year we have been deeply impressed by the love with which they worked the earth, and this fall in the chamber appeared jars vegetables for the winter, and the pickles that were especially handled by the husband and the big boy.” All of this was possible largely due to the water well made by Star of Hope that we had in the yard and it was very helpful. Thanks to the Star of Hope Foundation for seeds, for the fountain, for everything! "Said Mr. Lacatusu Lucian.



Great joy was for us and when I saw a huge field of corn in the Corduneanu and Lutu families, the corn piles of corn rose as golden banners as in stories. This autumn we felt the joy of the souls of those who were helped by the Star of Hope Foundation and there were not only 21 families who enjoyed the rich harvest, which they set aside for the winter, they also feed and for animals, and all the winter will be on the table milk, meat, cheese, eggs, and vegetables.

We are extremely happy with the progress of these families who have good working intentions in animal husbandry and especially their work in agriculture is to produce products for them and their families and maybe later they will be able to sell to others.

Text and photos - Star of Hoe Romania

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