On Thursday, we inaugurated our new resource center for vulnerable children in Huși, Romania. The Star of Hope has supported families in Huși for 30 years, and the new center helps children in both the short and long term.



This integrated center offers a range of services for different groups in the community and we collaborate with other organizations in the Huși area.

The main focus of the Star of Hope at the center is to provide 60 children with educational support but also to help their families in various ways. The children receive help with, among other things, homework and extra tuition.



They also have lunch at the center, and we will also arrange a number of different activities for the children.
The center was renovated with the support of the Huși Municipality, and the project is part-financed by the EU. The project manager for the entire municipal center is Star of Hope Romania.

Thank you to everyone who supports our work in Romania.

Historically, over the years, Star of Hope has been proactive in abolishing the institutions in which some children were locked up during the communist era. In addition to six rehabilitation centers and two centers for socially vulnerable children, Star of Hope currently runs five resource and education centers for vulnerable Roma children in five selected locations. Add to that 14 parent associations and a national parents' federation, and the picture becomes clear as to why Star of Hope is changing nations.



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