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From our Romania Director Aurora Vatamaniuc
Thank you for staying with us in 2018 to help fulfilling Star of Hope's mission. We started 2019 with a great hope that we can do together much than last year: to see more children affected by a disability or in poverty situation integrated into the local community, to see more communities with opened hearts to receive and support them.
In 2018 we registered great results and great numbers of people were reached by our work. I would like to share with you just a few of them.

image005ro_6_12_19.jpgTo the children with disabilities from Regional Centre for Children and Youths with Disabilities Rehabilitation (Iasi, Barlad, Dorohoi, Botosani and Suceava Centers) we offered:
therapy sessions to over 250 kids, 49 youth and over 9000 hours of children therapy (individual &group activities), socialization activities
counseling to over 280 parents and over 800 hours of parents group support, parents counseling etc
a summer camp called “Steps towards Light” where attended 350 parents, children with disabilities and their sibling
we collaborated with over 160 teachers and our work reached over 17500 community members


To the children belonging to Roma minority (Valea Seaca, Dimacheni, Murgeni, Babadag, Pantelimon and Botosani Centers) and to children in risk situation from Botosani we offered:
over 830 meals/week, over 8000 hours of educational and extracurricular activities for children
over 700 hours of parents counseling, parental education training courses, developing work skills/abilities to over 370 parents/ grandparents
educational support to over 280 children and 25 teenagers/ youth,
we collaborated with over 90 teachers and were reached over 4000 community members.
In all 12 centers increased the number of children and parents that needs help; we found out there are a lot of single mothers, many with different illness that fights alone for their kids.

Currently, Star of Hope Romania helps around 600 children monthly with recovery therapies, warm meals, homework help, psychological counseling for parents, material help, food, clothes and workplaces for young people in difficulty. There is still a lack of specialized services for children with disabilities in Romania. 50% of children with severe disabilities do not attend to a school. Their parents, especially those living in villages, hardly can pay the costs of the therapy and transportation to come to the Star of Hope rehabilitation center. We also would like to continue to support children from Roma communities, to keep them a longer time in our educational program in order to see real changes in their lives. We are looking forward to find ways to offer scholarships to youth in order to follow a high school. If a young will be better educated, he will have a better chance to a good job.

What we have reached in 2018 it is because you believed in our work.
We are so thankful for your great generosity! Only together we can continue to help all these children, young people, parents and to transform communities!

We need your help to finish the funding to include all the children and families for the following important events:

1 Summer camp for 80 poor children from Valea Seaca, Dimacheni and Murgeni projects

23-28 June 2019 with a cost of $150/child for a week

Goals: a friendly and happy environment, to learn how to behave in the community, to develop personal abilities like drawing, singing, sportive and more!

2 Summer family camp for 150 children with special needs and their parents –


8-13 July 2019 at Black Sea with a cost of $225/parent and $110/child)


With much respect and appreciation,

Aurora Vatamaniuc executive President of Star of Hope Romania

Star of Hope adds wants you to know we pray for you and yours. Rich blessings to you and yours.

For more information: Mark Presson CEO, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 866 653 0321

To give now send a tax-deductible check to

Star of Hope PO Box 427

Ellinwood Kansas 67526

Or give online via pay pal or secure credit card here:

Thank you for your consideration and prayers for the children.

Will you stand with us?
Star of hope is on the ground and we need your support to save lives and rebuild homes. Right now you can make a difference.

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Also because of people like you, more than 30,000 children receive education and care through Star of Hope.


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