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In a Healthy Environment - physically, emotionally and spiritually FOR A BETTER FUTURE!

That is the theme for this years conference/summer camp for families of children with disabilities in Romania. Mark August 21 - 24 on your calendar and pray for the families who will be gathering to share burdens, joys, exchange information and helpful suggestions. Pray for spiritual renewal in the lives of each participant.

Most of the families who have children with disabilities are isolated, and experience some degree of discrimination in the Romanian society. It is considered a shame to have a child with a disability (mental retardation, autism, cerebral palsy, etc.)
During the conference the parents will have the opportunity to go for a short holiday, be together as mother, father and child and meet other families who are in the same situation. They will see that they are not alone in this world.
There will be an opportunity to present the Gospel in a way the people have not heard before and be the recipients of spiritual guidance. Most of these Orthodox people have not visited an evangelical church before.


Chase and his family:

Now please look at this family. What difference do you see between this family and those on the left? - there is no difference. This family, too, experiences all that comes with loving and raising a child with disability. Love is easy. All else is a challenge that you and I can never understand unless we have a child with special needs.

THIS family will be traveling to the Romania conference this coming August. Will travel be easy? Are they going as your typical sight-seeing tourists? NO!!! They are going as a StarTeam to minister and be a witness to what God can do.

Debbie, a Pediatric Nutritionist, and Scott, Physical Therapist, go first and foremost as parents of Chase. Of course their distinctive professions gives them extra words, thoughts and advice to share BUT they go as parents with tender hearts that will be able to empathize with the Romanian parents and be able to share their faith in and love for Jesus that sustains them on a daily basis. Scott will be an blessing to the Romanian fathers when they hear how he involves himself in Chase's life, something they are not accustomed to doing in their culture.

THEN there is Chase. A disease has captured his body but not his mind nor his spirit. His faith is active and evident in his life on a daily basis. His hands have gnarled so that he can no longer 'sign' but that does not stop him. He uses his elbow to type messages on an iPad. He is anxious to share his testimony with the Romanian people at the conference. He is a walking testimony.

SO please keep this and pray for the funding and that many will receive the blessings that will come from this special conference.

YES I can donate to help send a family to the Conference!

Read about the conference from Aurora, the manager of Star of Hope Romania.

  • To send 150 parents of special-needs children to the Christian Family Conference in August 2013,
  • To help teach them how to care for their children,
  • To provide an opportunity to meet other parents in similar circumstances so they no longer feel isolated,
  • To enjoy the fellowship of other Christians,
  • To be spiritually renewed, benefit from mental and physical rest.
  • To provide Bible classes to inspire spiritual growth.
  • NEEDED- $22,500 to cover cost of the Conference

I Want to help support this important work.

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