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Most of you reading this post have access to clean running water and some type of device to cook your food. You can just turn it on or open it up and the water flows and the oven will warm up, right?

We just wanted to let you see how it looks for example in Romania when a family with children is getting ready to cook dinner and needs water and needs the oven turned on, perhaps a task for the kids? Not a big deal or, think winter and 20 below!
water 476 237.jpgIf we think about asking our own children to get some water or to turn on the oven it would not look anything like this. It's interesting how different nations develop at different speeds one can't help wondering why there is so much disparity in the world. Yet there is.

Over this weekend we will be publishing online our Christmas catalog and in that catalog, you will find some items that will benefit individuals as well as families around the world. Many gifts are "pay it forward" gifts and keep giving all year round. Funny thing about Christmas catalogs is you don't know when to get them out there, is it going to be too early and get lost under a pile of paper or is it going to be too late after the presents are already done? How can the timing help to have an impact, many questions indeed?


I want you to know that it will be ready for you over the weekend and if you'd like to help a family like the one in these pictures, we will be sure to give them a Christmas present that will bring them joy and happiness and let them know that someone like you does not look down on them, but instead loves them.

Also in honor of cards are available too.

If you'd like to sneak peek at the Christmas catalog check it out right here.

I want to help Romania.

Mark Presson

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