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When you give to Star of Hope, your gift will do much for the war victims.

Here is exactly what we are doing, have done, and will continue to do.

1. Emergency goods shipments of 13 trucks from our home base in Sweden to the heart of Ukraine is completed.

Now we are concentrating on sending small wood-burning stoves to ward off the freezing winter.

Punkt_2_04-300x200.jpg Punkt_2_06-300x200.jpg

2. Support refugees at our child development centers in Romania.
Now three of our children's centers are turned into shelters. Half of each building is now a shelter, and the other half continues to be used for child development work. We concentrate on finding those refugees with a family member who has a disability since we have unique competence with that. We need help with daily costs. The international organization "Care" has chosen Star of Hope Romania as their local partner.

3. Emergency transporting and support of refugees back to Star of Hope Sweden's retreat is completed.

Refugees were transported to Sweden to be sheltered at the Star of Hope retreat.
These refugees are the same people we have been in contact with since they were affected by the Chernobyl disaster in the early 1990s. Now they are once again returning, this time with their families, to a place of safety. Thanks to our founder, Erik Gunnar Eriksson, we have many buildings available to provide them shelter. We need help with daily costs.

4. Medicine for Chernobyl children in Ukraine is also completed, Star of Hope has kept in touch with the so-called “Chernobyl children”, who are still in Ukraine. We have helped them through small transactions to pay for food and medicine. However, right now there is no medicine left to buy. Because Chernobyl children lack a thyroid gland, they need regular doses of the thyroid hormone thyroxine, the main function of which is to regulate the body's metabolism. Due to the lack of thyroxine, the Star of Hope has started delivering this preparation together with our truck transports. Our inland Ukrainian partners are then responsible for ensuring that thyroxine reaches our Chernobyl children.


5.  Staff continues to meet refugees at the border in Siret Romania.  Our staff since day one is meeting refugees, giving love, praying, and sharing the gospel. The need here is food, small gifts for the children, fuel, and support staff.

Now we are committing ourselves to increase our help in Ukraine, but we need you.

The five points above are the plan in action and for future action.
We ask you to help us, the needs again are, support at the border house, feeding, fuel, medicines and supporting families for an extended time. How long we do not know.

We need you to share this message with your company, church, friends, and family.

Ways how you can help:

Help us by sharing this news and understanding of the needs: support at the border, housing, feeding, and supporting families with a member who is disabled, for an extended time.

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We need you to share this message with your company, church, friends, and family.

Join us with a gift and you too can help the children.

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Please help the kids the way you like!

Blessings - Mark Presson CEO

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