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  • Haiti Update June 2021

    Haiti, a country marked by poverty, economic and political issues well before the pandemic started is now facing an increase in covid-19 cases. The country has not yet started vaccinating as the government only just placed an order for vaccines, and this only covering an exceedingly small amount of the inhabitants. The government has recently declared a state of emergency and a curfew on the island from 6 PM-6 AM to try and control the outbreak.

    The UNICEF director for Latin America and the Caribbean has just released a report showing that malnourished under 5-year-old children have doubled this year in Haiti and that 86000 children are now facing acute malnutrition.

    Haiti_Hesse_Child.jpg  star of hope {Star of Hope} [starofhope]

    The lack of nourishing food, clean water, and health care together with a great rise in violence is making the situation extremely unstable for the children. Now, the country is entering hurricane season leaving the children and their families totally exposed to a life-threatening situation.

    Our project manager in Haiti Tony Boursiquot, together with Myrtha Dor and their team are now working hard to reinforce all the hygiene measures against the virus in our schools. They are working closely with all the teachers, principals, pastors, and school staff to do all they can to protect the children from the spread of the virus.


    The school year ends in June and after that, they will work hard to try to reach the children and their families with food support these next months of uncertainty.

    I ask you all to pray for the children in Haiti and give a little extra support if you are able to so that they can get through the months ahead. Their situation is extremely uncertain, and they need our help!

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    God Bless!

    Isabella Zelaya is the manager of www.starofhope.es a specific Spanish language webpage for starofhope.us

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