The elementary school in Ghana, on paper, is available to all as it is both free and compulsory. The reality is quite different, however. There is a severe shortage of school buildings, particularly in the poor countryside. Although there is a school, many children do not go there because they cannot afford to buy school supplies and uniforms. Another obstacle is that the authorities require that children must have gone to preschool to enter primary school. The preschools are often private and expensive.

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Star of Hope has been working in Ghana since 1983, focusing on preschools for children in poor villages. In Ghana, a child starts school when they reach seven years of age. To get into it to compulsory school you have to have attended preschool and graduate from it. Preschool is not often available for free therefore many become marginalized without the first step of education preventing them from continuing.

Over the years, we have also completed many development projects. We have built schools and equipped them, we have also built water ponds, and help to start-up agricultural projects. We have also worked with organizational development and capacity development.

One of the largest individual projects has been the completion of pre-school compendium for the department of education for the country's pre-school teachers and educators throughout the country. This was done in cooperation with the Ministry of Education in Ghana for five years in the late 1990s and early 1990s.

In this project, a manual for preschool teachers and twelve different books (edition: 5,000 per book) was also used to teach preschool children in Ghana.

In Ghana, 100% of the children usually pass national preschool exams, which also serve as an entry for elementary school.

We allocate all our schools' schoolbooks, notebooks, pens, crayons, and toys regularly during the academic year. All grandchildren have breakfast and school lunch.

We have upgraded all our school cookies with proper freezers to freeze fish and meat if needed.

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Facts: Ghana

Population: 23,900,000
Government: Republic
Area: 92,099 square miles
Capital: Accra
Per Capita Income: $790 USD
Currency: Ghana cedi;GHC
Languages: Official Language, English
Primary Exports: Gold, Cocoa, Wood
Religion: About 60% Christian