Thanks to you, we can report that we have executed many extra interventions this summer during the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic, whether man-made or not COVID has hit the people we help with devastating effects. Yes, we are talking about the most marginalized people and communities, places where we work worldwide at Star of Hope.

Some of the larger interventions were to help the most affected populations.

In the Chaco province in the north of Argentina, we were able to give out food and blankets because they needed food desperately and their winter is the opposite of ours, and the extreme poor needed blankets and heaters. See https://www.starofhope.us/argentina/warm-distribution-in-summer

In Ghana we did huge food delivery projects, the food helped a lot of people get away from being undernourished. See https://www.starofhope.us/ghana/ghana-food-distribution-during-covid

In Haiti an enormous extra thrust of food package delivery to the most vulnerable. Also, good news for the school lunch program as extra funding came in and the kids are being fed a great school lunch. You also helped with sanitary products and education for the children. See https://www.starofhope.us/haiti/haiti-school-update-fall-2020

In Kenya, large efforts were done for food distribution and also to bring the classrooms to COVID specifications as dictated by the government. See https://www.starofhope.us/kenya/kenya-corona-rules-update-fall-2000

In Romania a lot of food deliveries to families who have children with special needs. Also, there was a reopening of a new resource center for children as well as the purchase of personal protection equipment. See https://www.starofhope.us/romania-moldova/new-center-in-husi-romania

The examples above are just some of the extra measures we were able to do this summer. Together they represent a huge amount of money and love and blessings!
You and people who are like you have done great things, be pleased, be happy knowing all the resources we gave would never, never have transpired, or even possible without you.

By the way, on top of this, the regular support programs have been ongoing. If you're part of this work God bless you and thank you so much if you're not with us, consider being a part of the family of hope, getting involved is easy and then it is easy to change a life.

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How would it go if risk groups and the sick sleep in the same room?
Or if each mask costs a daily salary?
With examples from three continents, we want to describe how the corona pandemic affects our children and those they love.

Imagine you are a dad
in the Kenyan slum off Mombasa. You never got to go to school, and therefore get no job, but early every morning you walk into the city and offer your help to anyone who needs extra workforce. This is how most in your area provide for themselves. You groan and sweat day after day, scraping together just enough money for the kids to get food. Suddenly, a pandemic erupts. No one is allowed to leave the home without a mask. They cost $2 each and can only be used once. You rarely earn more than $2 a whole day.
How should your children get food now?

Imagine that you are a grandmother
in a Romanian village. You take care of six grandchildren while your daughter and her husband are begging abroad. You and your grandchildren live on the small change your daughter sends home - but suddenly the money stops coming. Your daughter and son-in-law have been quarantined can't move or work. At the same time, all schools are closed and a curfew is imposed. You belong to the high-risk group and should isolate yourself. Instead, you are now crowded with six grandchildren in the single room of the home.
What do you feel when the food has run out and the kids start coughing?

Imagine you are a little girl in Haiti.
People say the pandemic does not affect children, but you know they are wrong. You, that child, feels it in your stomach. For you, the school lunch was the only real meal of the day. Now, when the school is closed, you go hungry. 70 percent of Haiti's people live just like you; young and old together, on average, seven people in the same room, without electricity and without water to wash their hands with. If your parents stay home for a single day, they can't afford food that night. When they think you've fallen asleep, they whisper something sinister to each other:
"A shutdown here in Haiti will kill more than any virus can do."
You do not understand. What is about to happen? Will I die?

Imagine you are you.
You have just read about a grandmother, a father, and a daughter. You live in their situation because you know exactly what it feels like when a pandemic turns upside down in life. You've been feeling powerless for weeks, and it's a horrible feeling. You think of those affected in countries like Romania, Kenya, and Haiti. You can't do much about your situation - but you can do something about them.
Help them with food!

Who you will help, those families who overnight lost all income now food shortages remain the most crying need.
$20 is enough for a food package with important basic products such as flour, rice, and preserves.
This package sustains a five-child family for two weeks.
$35 is enough for a larger package of both food and hygiene items.
This package sustains a five-child family for almost a month.
Let's slow down the effects of the crisis before it is too late!

YES I WILL HELP - Click to give or send a Check to Star of Hope PO Box 427. Ellinwood Kansas, 67526


We are redirecting our mission focus to address the ongoing needs of food while still providing the HOPE of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Ironically coinciding with our 50th year of work. 


The 50-50 initiative aligns perfectly with the original intent of our founder Erik Gunnar Eriksson, he founded this organization 50 years ago!

50-50 brings the gospel of Christ and meets the basic needs of communities. Let us turn this colossal Covid19 crisis into a Campaign of Hope called the 50- 50 campaign.
With every dollar given to the campaign, 50% will go to provide emergency food supplies and the other 50% will go to minister the Gospel. Currently, the project managers are realigning the work to provide more food for the Star of Hope families.

Existing teams of teachers and staff are delivering bags of food to our most vulnerable population. They are using personal protective gear so when they deliver the food they can pray with the families, bless the children by telling Bible stories and lessons, singing songs, and give much hope and love. We believe that God will use this time, for His good and to bring glory to His name. Now, more than ever is the opportunity to minister the Gospel of hope, while supplying the basic needs of food.

We are truly exercising a ministry of compassion to provide for the lost, least, lonely, and most vulnerable. Please stand with us and answer the Father’s call during these most pressing times.


Fearful of the unknown? Feel out of control?


This update was to tell you about all our school closings "across the globe" and how our children will be and are affected. It is going to be a huge change for nonprofits across the board, with no exceptions.

Star of Hope and Tent Mission is 50 years old and have been proud to not change our operations to match the flavor of the times. No, the Gospel and education are our main thrusts and will remain.

So, that leaves this article, up in the air a bit as I really want to discuss fear, being nervous and even mention anxiety. Fear is a strong emotion and I bet we all are more fearful now than a month ago, mix in anxiety and the uneasiness we feel in our bones in the face of the unknown. It all gets in our minds, hearts, and bodies really fast.

So many people are telling us, writing to us, emailing us about what to do, how to feel and so on...

Then the media, they, for the most part, are spreading fear and the fear let's evil in the door and of course across the news platform the talking heads retract yesterday errors and start in a new cycle of fear.

As Christians, we have to consider evil and all the things evil wants to do!
Fear and anxiety are energy vampires and left unchecked they might even cause us to make bad decisions. As adults, we sometimes have a hard time making good decisions in the light of fear and the unknown. This is a great time to firmly ground ourselves in the word of Christ. That's the main thing I want to share with you.

All this is worse for children and youth. For parents and adults, the best advice that I can find concerning children is to live without fake fear. Show them a fearless person grounded in Christ and be the best example. Create Godley men and women of your children and help your brothers and sisters.


The Bible doesn’t tell us to run away from fear:
· Fear paralyzes, but we bless others (Gal. 3:6-9).
· Fear resigns itself to fate, but we give the reason for our hope (1 Pet. 3:15).

Star of Hope and Tent Mission helps 22,000 children in 14 Countries by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and providing free education, food, and love. We are 50 years old and do not reinvent Missions or the Gospel, we are the partner you might be looking for to send your love offering or gift. Consider joining us with a gift.

More thoughts on fear, will you lead your peers and family out of fear?
Talk the Good News often. Above I wrote, we must firmly ground ourselves in the word of Christ. So let it be on your mind and lips. It is about Faith and love.

Media usage and disinformation will reach an all-time high.
People will react differently. One of my dear friends said, “I just don’t want to hear any more about the death and the coming misery.” Some will become intolerant or violent. So when your near and dear get “ants in their pants,” give more of the “good content” from your mouth and your favorite verses. Pick wisely and keep the fear fear-mongering at bay.

Is it wrong to be positive in light of this pandemic?
The book of Philippians gave us some of the best information we need for living and running a good race. Paul simply said, "Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.


Love will conquer fear and set a great example. Remember we are living now so we may live for eternity.




Mark Presson CEO

Action items for you and your household's consideration: 

1. Get Your Household Ready for Coronavirus Disease 2019 - opens a CDC Interim Guidance sheet.

2. Donate now to our Emergency fund - help us be ready to act not just react.

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We can’s stop Covid but with your help, we can stop the famine.
The ongoing corona crisis is one of the most significant challenges we have faced in modern times. Few of us have experienced anything like this, and suddenly we are faced with a situation that no one knows for sure how to handle. As individuals, we can do nothing more than follow the advice given and pay extra attention to those who are particularly vulnerable.
Amid this chaos, we at Star of Hope continue to fight for our children - as this global crisis is also affecting their countries. When an economy is in ruin it mercilessly strikes against those who are already forced to live without means or security of basic food!
We have taken on a responsibility to give our 22,000 children an honest chance in life, and that responsibility will not be harmed or belittled. On the contrary, our role becomes even more important. We must do everything we can to keep them fed, healthy, and safe. But to succeed fully, resources that we do not have today are required.
For all those who lost their income, food shortages are the biggest threat right now.
Help us reach out with groceries for them and their children!



Pray for us and our workers! We are praying for you.



Blessings and thanks. Mark Presson, CEO Star of Hope 


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8.28.2020 The year has been stained with huge economic deficits and pain due to the Coruna Pandemic, many if not all of our kids are affected.

Please give a gift for the Children, we are in survival mode. You can be the difference between dignity and despair.



3.13.2020 The Corona Virus has changed our needs.

The world is confronting a pandemic. It is a harsh reality that requires an honest appraisal. This virus has inflicted devastating consequences in the loss of life and in the disruption to everyone's way of life. In a time of crisis, we turn to God's Word for guidance and comfort. See Philippians 2:4-6

Therefore please be observant that the poor and the marginalized will be hurt the most. We are not pessimistic we are honest and know this event will shape the year, even with a swift recovery we all the Coronavirus and the scare will change all things on earth.  

We appeal to you for gifts to our emergency fund now, so we will be able to respond fast to the appeals from our projects. We know that Non Profits traditionally will be the first to be cut from your economic and financial plan. Now you know why it is so important to continue and for you who do not give to chime in with perhaps just 10 dollars a month. Together we are strong and will help keep and restore our children's lives.


1. Get Your Household Ready for Coronavirus Disease 2019 - opens a CDC Interim Guidance sheet.

2. Donate now to our Emergency fund



We want our kids healthy and in a normal environment.

We have had a wonderful year in 2019 with many projects completed. We were blessed with funds for new construction projects including Churches, Schools, and water projects, as well as seed and tool projects and more. Our main thrust is always the 30,000 kids in our schools, learning their ABC's as well as hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our Vision is a world where all children have an opportunity to become educated, healthy adults, get involved in their communities and share their love of Jesus Christ.

We depend on your time, talent and treasure. Without you, the kids would not be in school and our extra important projects would never have a chance, so thank you and God bless you. Our primary desire is that you become a sponsor. That is what we need to make it possible to help kids around the world. $30 a month will fill the need for one child!


TOP NEEDS 2020 Continued

Monthly supporters to keep the work of changing lives for the better and breaking the chains of poverty. 

Lunch Buddies needed, ( value with a punch) Lunches at school keep kids in school where they learn and hear the gospel, this is vital to help them succeed now and forever. We have a huge deficit in our feeding program.

Water Wells


Water wells in Haiti

When hurricane Matthew struck in October, the pipes to the old water station were destroyed in the remote village of Hesse. This could have had severe consequences – but the people of Hesse did not have to despair. Because right before the hurricane struck, Star of Hope had finished the construction of new wells made possible by private donations from dedicated sponsors. Their water is now being used for drinking as cooking as well as personal hygiene by grateful local families.

Click to help us drill more



Cattle in Argentina

In Argentia, we have a cattle operation and the income from it helps provide long-term support for the Toba population and other projects that help the children. We have worked for over 40 years in Argentina. You are so important here, you can be involved in investing in needed farm animals to increase the; heard, profit, and the amount of assistance given. Every

earned dollar goes to help the Toba population. However, the farm is too small to generate any major profits but with your help, we can eventually create a self-sufficient source of income to help the work. Right now we need to add more calves, is this interesting call CEO, Mark Presson

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Build new children’s home to replace one that we have to vacate. $375,000 needed

This is the Carrefour children’s home for 100 kids. They have to vacate the property which they did not own. The government has made land available outside the city. Other donors have pledged or given half of the total cost of $750,000. The balance we need is $375,000. This will build 4 group homes, each holding 20 children and an apartment for a set of house parents. The project also includes a dining/study hall and an office/guest house.


Child Evangelism & Discipleship Training. $97,500 needed

This project will make sure that each child has a Bible. Each teacher has training in child evangelism and child discipleship training. Since this is a startup project for us that we intend to replicate worldwide, I estimate the cost to be $25 per child. We have 3,900 children presently in our projects in Haiti.

The dream is to expand this all 30,000 children we work with worldwide. The cost for that will reach $600,000.

Girls Dorm



Star Dorm

The building is paid for but we need help to furnish it and run it. Girls who have been abused need a free haven to get back to normalcy. Star of Hope is attacking the problem in the slums too. ( the girls in the foto are not in the project) see https://www.starofhope.us/philippines/star-dorm-is-open 


Spread the Gospel

Help us spread the word of Christ to those who will hear. Through our daughter entity "Tent Mission" we spread the Gospel of Christ. Learn more and join Tent Missions global mission on www.tentmission.us Our teams in the field have years of experience, do not reinvent the wheel just put your gifts into action that give results back to the Kingdom. Also, we need your help us take AWANA International teaching to more children at our projects and beyond. Time to partner up? 



Not sure but want to help? Call 866 653 0321 and lats talk or JOIN US WITH A MONETARY GIFT HERE

Pray for us and our workers! We are praying for you.


Blessings and thanks.

Star of Hope



Thank you so much for your support!


Girls and boys across the globe need us now more than ever.

Donors like you are the backbone of our work.

It is so important right now that we continue to do our work and keep your trust or perhaps earn it for the first time.This is because we need your monthly donation and extra gifts more than ever.


Market collapse, coronavirus, oil price wars, N Korean missile tests, things are at a strange place indeed and people are worried, some are scared.

Due to the virus outbreak, people at some of our project countries are told, “Do not to go outside, it’s too dangerous.” In the US, the State Department basically says to not travel. Unfortunately, our staff members need to continue their travels to monitor projects and teach in-country staff. From our USA office, Maria Presson just got back from Sweden and in a few weeks travels to Kenya. Please pray with us for her safety.

What is fact and what is purely fear? It’s hard to know. However, we do know that we must continue to support the kids with food, education, health, and the Gospel.

When things get hard we tend to concentrate first on getting the children food. Children have a hard time learning and hearing the Gospel when their stomachs are empty and growling. In most cases, they won’t even attend school if there isn’t any food for them there. We need more help to meet the food shortage in the projects. The crisis is now, the need is now.

All of these things paint a pretty bleak picture and people are scared. Perhaps you are too, wondering, “What’s going to happen to my family and other loved ones?” I too am a little bit scared; or rather uncertain of what the future holds. Thankfully I know WHO holds the future. All things are in the Lord’s hands and He controls everything from the mighty to the microscopic. The safest place to be is in His will.

Please give an extra blessing to help the kids eat a school lunch.

We are praying for you and yours. Please be praying for ours.

#starofhope and #tentmission


Did you know that...

18 landerThanks to you, Star of Hope works in 15 countries around the world.

30000 barn

Also because of people like you, more than 30,000 children receive education and care through Star of Hope.


Trusted for over 50 years to "make change happen".