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Blessings, many have asked for a quick link to download this years Christmas catalog, we thought it best to put it here.

Star of Hope is thrilled to be part of your discussions!

We're delighted to share this year’s joy-filled options, meaningful gifts, and festive ideas to make this holiday season truly special—for you and for families who could use a little extra light.

Be a beacon of hope by participating in our "Pay it Forward" Christmas event. Together, let's impact lives globally.

Explore the Christmas Shop online together.

The Guide is available online here: Christmas Shop

The downloadable PDF is accessible here: Download

It is legal size, print front and back.

Bless you!

Christmas Catalog 2023 preview below:



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Rich Blessings

Exciting News! The Christmas Catalog 2023 is here for your family! 🎁

Explore joy-filled options, meaningful gifts, and festive ideas to make this holiday season truly special.

You can be a beacon of hope by participating in our "Pay it Forward" Christmas event. Together, let's impact lives globally. Explore the Christmas Shop online: 

Dive into the magic now! 

The Guide is online here: Christmas Shop 


Your gifts make a real difference! From goats, chickens, seeds and even books, your gifts fill crucial needs. You have seen the positive impact of people's generosity, transforming lives now and in the future.

Witness the hope and gratitude in children and families' eyes as Star of Hope teams deliver life-changing gifts. Your contributions create real change. Thank you for giving hope, prosperity, the Gospel and a future to those in need.



Visit the Christmas shop to see what you and your family can do to spread Joy at Christmas.

The Guide is online here: Christmas Shop 

Also, you can download or print our Christmas catalog: 

Download or print the below Mini Christmas catalog for 2023 - click here.

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Christmas catalog screenshot 2023 no2


Use your power to help a child fleeing war, fighting poverty and gang violence, bring joy to a struggling mother, and ensure our 12,000 kids experience a special Christmas. 

Results? Check out this small seed story that grew and grew! The seeds that fixed hunger.




By the way if you need printed copies or assistance, call 620-564-3355 or contact us with this form.


Please explore our Web Shop at Blessings for a beautiful holiday season!

🙏 God Bless you and yours.  


One last time... the Guide is online here: Christmas Shop 


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What about the results? You will get a report back.

Yes a printed report with a resuluts orientated report.

Here are some photos from our past Christmas work.








God Bless you and yours

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The 2023 Christmas Gift Shop is open click to see the "Joy you can Give"

Dear Valued Supporters and Friends,I hope this message finds you well and in high spirits. As the holiday season approaches, I'd like to take a moment to share a heartwarming story that reminds us of the true spirit of Christmas.

"I remember so vividly when my kids were little, and Christmas was just around the corner. The day before, they were bursting with excitement, which had been building up throughout the Advent season. And then, at 4 AM on Christmas morning, I was awoken by a deafening commotion. Was it a break-in? An earthquake, perhaps? No, it was just our children racing up the stairs. A herd of active, or let’s say overactive animals wasn't exactly what us tired parents had wished for as a Christmas gift.

I remember getting weary as I was tired, but that moment helped me understand how much Christmas meant to them. They were simply too excited to go back to sleep."

This story reflects the magic of Christmas, the anticipation, and the pure joy it brings to children. As adults, it's easy to forget the enchanting Christmas feelings that bubbled within us when we were kids. Today's children all around the world are experiencing those same emotions right now. The same longing, the same anticipation, the same hopes. But many of our sponsored children also carry a sense of deep anxiety:"What if Santa can't find them? Will he come at all, what if there's winter but no Christmas?"

Visit the Christmas Shop - Click!



Now, you have the chance to play the role of Santa and give these children an unforgettable Christmas. A Christmas gift from you provides them with so much more than just its contents: the anticipation as they wait, the excitement when your gift arrives, and the joy when they see what they've received. The family togetherness in that moment. The feeling of being seen and a delightful Christmas memory to cherish.

There's no reason to hesitate, right? Of course, we should give these children a truly wonderful Christmas to remember! Disclaimer: Some of the gifts you can give are perhaps untraditional. Lets just say, who gives a child food as a present, really? Well, we do when they have none, and we encourage you do it too! With this in mind,

I'm excited to announce that Star of Hope's Web Shop and Christmas Catalog are coming soon! In our web shop, you'll find a variety of meaningful gifts that you can purchase to bring joy to children in need. These gifts go beyond the material and make a difference in their lives. Whether you've been a generous donor in the past or are considering supporting our cause for the first time, we encourage you to be on the lookout for our web shop and Christmas catalog, as they will be your gateway to creating unforgettable Christmas memories for children worldwide.

Thank you for your continued support and the difference you make in the lives of so many. Together, we can spread love, joy, and the true spirit of Christmas to those who need it most.


Thank you and rich blessings,

Mark Presson - CEO Star of Hope

Now it's time to visit the Christmas Shop - Click!



Tony Boursiquot, the dedicated field manager of the Star of Hope in Haiti, shares a grim update on the current situation:

In the wake of heavy rains, low-lying areas have been submerged, mercilessly carrying away the homes and personal belongings of countless families. Most of these houses, constructed from straw and clay, were torn apart. The devastation is even worse in the mountainous regions, where torrents of water have ruthlessly swept away houses, destroyed crops, and led to the disappearance of livestock. The aftermath of this catastrophe has left homes and farms completely ravaged.

While our school buildings have miraculously survived, six out of our seven villages have been severely affected: Boyer, Rigaud, Dano, Hesse, Bois Negresse, and Marigot. Although the schools remain intact, many children have lost their homes and everything they possessed. Additionally, farmers have suffered immense losses with the destruction of crops and private food gardens, exacerbating the issue of food insecurity in the region.

Adding to the distress, on June 5, a magnitude 4.9 earthquake struck the southern part of the country, resulting in building collapses, injuries, and loss of life. Fortunately, Hoppets Stjärna's project was not directly affected, but the earthquake deepened the crisis and intensified the competition for already scarce resources in the country.

Tony expresses grave concern over the current situation: "With roads and bridges washed away, both people and goods are unable to reach their destinations. Regardless of their location in the country, the food shortage will soon become critical." This dire circumstance poses a significant threat to the entire nation of Haiti, including our vulnerable children.

Furthermore, Tony informs us that following the floods, strong winds have transformed the mud into hardened clay, further delaying road repairs. He pauses with a heavy sigh, revealing the heartbreaking news that the children, who are already living in poverty, eagerly await the summer season when they can rely on avocados and mangoes for sustenance. Regrettably, 80 to 90 percent of these crops have been lost, they fell to the ground in the storm and the wind and are now decaying. The children bear the weight of this knowledge with profound sadness.

Tony predicts a rapid surge in food prices, potentially doubling or even quadrupling, as commercial activities remain disrupted in the region.

You have the power to make a difference and send hope to a family!

By providing an emergency gift of food, you can bring hope to those affected, especially the children. Join us in supporting the Star of Hope's relief efforts by contributing to our food box initiative. Your donation will go a long way in alleviating the suffering and restoring faith in these devastated communities.

To contribute, visit donate one food box.

Also, you can text: foodkit to 71777 for a mobile experience. 

Together, we can make a tangible impact and show solidarity with the resilient people of Haiti in their time of desperate need.



Tony B in Haiti.

give here



"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
The second-best time is now."
-Old Proverb


The statement above could apply to spreading the message of Christ. Star of Hope has made a great effort to incorporate the Gospel into almost everything they do. For instance, they have established Awana clubs in Kenya, Ghana, and Haiti in recent years. In case you're unfamiliar with the Awana program, here's a brief overview from their website.

Awana provides a program that teaches kids and their families about the Gospel. Their reliable and adaptable program helps you develop leaders and teach kids to follow Christ throughout their lives. The program and activities are available to children from the age of two to eighteen.

In the United States, Awana clubs are preparing for their evening meetings during this time of year. In our project countries, however, the Awana program is integrated into the school day so that every child can participate without having to attend another activity. Our schools also welcome other children from the neighborhood to attend Awana events. This allows those children to learn and enables teachers to become acquainted with the health and living conditions of children who don't attend school.


We were honored to host another AWANA training. The event was attended by 456 children from our Mikindani and Jimba schools. The event was also attended by our school teachers, Sunday school teachers, and facilitators, Pastor Joseph and Samuel Karisa from the AWANA
Foundation. We broke the training into the three segments of the Awana program...


Council Time - Leaders learn how to tell Bible stories to the children and then explain the lessons learned from those stories. This session aims to teach the clubbers the nature and character of God, His plan for salvation through Jesus Christ, and how to live a Christian life.


Game Time - This is the children's favorite activity. Here teachers were trained to use games to make teaching the word of God is fun and interesting.

The small group time this example is from Haiti

Small Group Time - Connecting children with God and promoting fellowship between the children and their teachers. The children and teachers were divided into small groups of 6-8 and given activities to perform as a team. This approach helps the teachers to identify children with learning difficulties so they can help them understand God's teachings. This small group time also allows the leaders to identify students who might need a little extra help with their home life or regular studies as well.
After the training sessions, all participants went on a lunch break. The children enjoyed a special meal and a soft drink with their teachers. 


This image has been filtered.

Kansas, USA
One church in the USA used its Vacation Bible School offering to support the Awana program in Ghana. In addition to bills and checks, they gave over 35 lbs of coins (also helping the coin shortage). They were able to raise nearly $2000 for Awana uniforms, snacks, and media equipment. Star of Hope USA sent a "Hello" picture to Ghana so the children could see who raised the money for them. The children in Ghana were thrilled to see all the smiling faces.

Star of Hope Ghana received the funds from Kansas, and Awana purchases were quickly made. For game time, the children in Ghana can now divide into teams according to their uniform color. They also now have a snack fund and money to order a microphone and sound system to be heard by more people.

We may be physically far from the people in these other countries, but we can still significantly impact their lives and eternal destiny. So please keep Star of Hope in mind for any missions you are involved in.
Warm greetings,

Mark Presson
Star of Hope CEO

Donate to Star of Hope here or on Paypal below

Skip - Give - Change Lives

Take action today and join our 2-week campaign, #Skipittogiveit, to help fund relief efforts in Haiti.

The people of Haiti have been experiencing extreme civil and political unrest, leaving the weak and poor in great need of support. By skipping small luxuries like a gourmet coffee, an extra donut, or a dinner out and donating those few dollars instead, you can make a big impact in the lives of those suffering in Haiti.

But #Skipittogiveit is not just about donating money. It's about promoting sacrificial giving and prayer to strengthen the church body and ignite prayer wherever it's needed. By participating in this campaign, you can start a conversation about salvation and help make a positive change in the world. Check out the video from our friend, Pastor Jonathan, to learn more about how you can get involved and make a difference. Don't wait, act now and help change lives in Haiti!

How #SkipittoGiveit works:

Join us in bringing hope and light to the people of Haiti. With the "Skip it to Give it" project, you can make a big impact with just a small sacrifice.

For two weeks, give up a daily item and instead put the money you save into the provided envelope. As you give, increase your prayers for the people of Haiti and know that you are making a real difference. With "Skip it to Give it", you can turn your heart towards prayer and self-sacrifice, while also teaching children the importance of giving.

The people of Haiti have suffered greatly and are often forgotten by the news cycle, but you can help keep their needs alive by participating in this project. By joining with your church, school, or community group, you can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most. Let's come together and help the poorest in this hemisphere, one small sacrifice at a time.

Who knows, "Skip it to Give it" might just become a yearly tradition for you, and a powerful way to make a difference in the world.


Are you ready for the "Skip it to Give it" Challenge?

Give us a Call on 866 653 0321 for clear information on how to get started!


 What is the need in Haiti?

The people of Haiti need the word of Christ and physical help but are often overlooked as a country in dire need.

Now with new rounds of protests and civil unrest help is needed more than ever.

Through Star of Hope, your sacrificial giving can provide them with many necessary items like;

  • school lunches
  • building supplies
  • cooking supplies
  • buckets for hauling water and washing
  • medicines
  • paper, pencils, uniforms, and school books
  • games and sports equipment for the children
  • goats, chickens, cows, and donkeys
  • hand tools and seeds for planting

Join us in making a difference by participating in "Skip it to Give it." Instead of spending money on luxury items like gourmet coffee, donuts, dinners, or movies, consider donating that money to help those in need in Haiti.

If you're part of a group that's interested in participating, please call us at 866-653-0321 for clear and simple information on how to get started. Your actions can be like seeds that grow and make a positive impact.


This music and video were produced in Sweden on Star of Hope International's behalf for release on the first anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, here is some background on how it came to be.


Simon Ådahl became familiar to many Swedes, Europeans, and people across the globe due to the effects of winning the Swedish Melody festival with his band Edin-Ådahl. Now he has sung the duet "I intend to pray for Ukraine" with Peo Thyren from Noice a classic rock band, and all the money goes to the charity Star of Hope’s work in Ukraine.

The song was written back in 2004 and is called in the original version "I'm thinking of praying for Sweden". It spread widely, first in churches and then much more widely. With a version in English and Korean respectively, with a text about the reunification of North and South Korea, it had a big impact in several Asian countries, which led to Simon and his brother Frank Ådahl having to perform it in a packed Jakarta Stadium in Indonesia in front of 120,000 people. The event was also broadcast live to 15 million TV viewers. The pandemic stopped the Ådahl brothers' planned tour in Korea.

In the fall of 2022, Simon Ådahl was contacted by a pastor in Smaland Sweden named Petter Edin, who had changed the text to "I'm thinking of praying for Ukraine", and wondered if it was okay for them to sing it in his congregation. Ådahl gave his approval and did not think more about the matter until a few months later when Lennart Eriksson from Star of Hope got in touch and, on behalf of the charity, wondered if Simon Ådahl would consider making a new recording called "I intend to pray for Ukraine" ". As there was already a text on that theme, it was quickly possible to enter the studio, and when Peo Thyren got in touch and suggested that he and Ådahl should do something together in the Slowbeat studio in Gavle Sweden but didn't quite know what, he was immediately invited to participate in the recording.

During January, both a Swedish and an English version of "Pray for Ukraine" was recorded and a music video was also recorded. In parallel, translations have been made into Ukrainian and Romanian and will be recorded shortly. "I intend to pray for Ukraine" will be released on all streaming platforms on February 24, the anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

"We did not plan at all for this recording to be made. It just happened in a way that feels supernatural and where puzzle piece after puzzle piece just fell into place," says Simon Ådahl.

"When so much misery is happening around the world and at home in Sweden, it is important not to forget Ukraine. With this song, we want to continue to remind people of the unimaginable evil that the people of Ukraine have suffered," says Peo Thyren.

Link to the music video:


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