bild-julfest-rumanien.jpgChristmas joy reaches every child we are fighting for. Yes, in every country where we are working it is Christmas for the children. Therefore, we want to share with you the glorious Christmas greetings from South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and Asia. Join us on the trip!


Christmas Haiti

Haiti families celebrate Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day. Then they sit up and watch, even at night until Christmas day, waiting for Jesus' birth. In all our schools, Christmas parties are organized, which over the years has become a dearest tradition - even for the staff.
"It's the only day of the year when children, teachers, and staff can have a happy time together who have nothing to do with the job," says our field manager Tony Boursiquot. We dance together, eat, laugh and enjoy Christmas celebrations.

Christmas Ghana

In Ghana, the many different tribes have their own celebrations and parties, but Christmas is the only big feast that everyone celebrates together. The schools are adorned with Christmas decorations as well as the children's Christmas drawings, and everyone can join in when Christmas celebration, Christmas, dance, food, candy and Christmas presents.


Christmas Latvia

Latvia has many traditions to celebrate Christmas Eve before eating Christmas and visiting the church. In our schools, Christmas preparations begin in the autumn holidays, and vulnerable families receive extra support and gifts for Christmas.


Christmas Argentina

Argentina is celebrating Christmas during the hottest time of the year and is associated with cool drinks and juicy salads. During the Christmas week, many families devour meat from a pig or goat that they themselves have given birth to and slaughtered - but the poorest families sometimes do not afford any Christmas food at all. Hope's Star is, therefore, a prerequisite for all the children and families involved to have good food to celebrate. We have our own Christmas tradition: To visit the poorest families with a Christmas basket full of goods like flour, sugar, rice, noodles, corn flour, fried red, pudding, nougat, pralines, fruit, Argentinian yerba tea and non-alcoholic cider.


Christmas Philippines

In the Philippines, the Christmas celebrations are so important that all employers are required by law to pay double monthly wages in December. Hope's Celebration celebrates by organizing Christmas celebrations for each year's course at each school, where the children perform singing and acting before it's time for Christmas party opening and Christmas.

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We are thrilled to bring you the Star of Hope Christmas Giving Guide. By participating in this “Pay it Forward” gift program, you can be a “STAR of Hope” and, give children and families a bright future. Together, with your help, we can impact lives around the world.

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Star of Hope works with local people groups in 14 countries to identify the greatest needs.Your donations will purchase real gifts, from goats to books, and everything in between to fill those needs.

“I have seen with my own eyes the positive impact your generous giving has had on the families and communities we serve,” states Maria Presson. “I had the privilege to travel to Haiti this year. While there, I met many children and families who are blessed to be recipients of Star of Hope’s support, thanks to donors like you. It is a blessing that the education programs and the “pay it forward” program are helping, and will continue to give meaning, and change lives now, and in the future.”

When our Star of Hope teams deliver these life-changing gifts to children and families, we personally witness the hope and gratitude in their eyes. Together we can create real change in the lives of children, families, and communities through your generous contributions. Thank you for giving hope, prosperity and a future to so many in need.

Blessings and wishing you and yours a beautiful holiday season.

Maria Eriksson Presson 


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I think it is such a blessing to send a small gift to those who are in need this Christmas.

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Will you help us get the Star of Hope mini Christmas catalog in the hands of those who are like-minded?

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It's easy to help, download and print the catalog from this link:


Here is how, print in color or B&W, duplex flip on the short edge should be used if you can, then each letter size sheet will have 2 mini catalogs.

The size is perfect for bulletin inserts at church too. No worries, If you have no duplex then just print as is and that works well too.

What a blessing to send a small gift to those who are in need this Christmas.

Here is one boy who received a Christmas present a few years back from someone like you:


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We believe, thanks to you that this young man is a doctor, soon.


Star of Hope commends all of you who took part in our campaign #skipittogiveit for Haiti. Thank you and keep an eye out for reports!

If you missed it the next #skipittogiveit is right around the corner and it will be for #Romania. God bless you and thank you for your support.



Laura Bretan is scheduled for an event benefiting Star of Hope. If you are in Portland Oregon this weekend then don't miss it. Laura and her team have been to Romania and visited the work of Star of Hope. Star of Hope has been active in Romania since 1989 and we are blessed to have this event as Laura is so very talented and kind, it is a sheer and utter joy to watch her perform.

lbtosend - Copy.jpg

Saturday, Oct 28 6:00 PM - Philadelphia Romanian Church 5544 SE 128th Ave Portland, OR.
This is a Charity concert supporting children with disabilities in Romania. Star of Hope is deeply thankful to the Bretan's and the Philadelphia Romanian Church. Join us!
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This young man skipped his coffee, simple and effective!


Wow, we are in week one of our 2-week #skipittogiveit campaign, and we are very excited to see how many churches around the world have decided to take part and join Star of Hope.

What can you skip? It's not too late

We've been preparing for this campaign for a long time and some people have asked, how can you do this for Haiti after all the disasters that have happened here in America. Especially what happened in Houston, the tragedy the loss. It's unimaginable unless you've actually been there in Houston or a similar disaster.

Well, imagine that same destruction over and over and mothers and fathers starting over and over again. Crying and depressed as their family suffers. Then imagine there is no social network to help, no family with any means. This is the normal day in Haiti for a large part of the rural population. All are in the same boat, that boat is called ruin and hopelessness. That's why we could not stop the "Skip it to Give it" campaign,

We decided to do #skipittogiveit over a year ago and we have to stand by our word! Would you stand by yours? So, if you're wondering in the back of your mind why in the world are you doing this for Haiti when there's so much going on in the US right now the fires the flooding the Hurricanes it's because we gave our word that's the kind of organization we are.

We have now, what I think are some fun reports about what different people are skipping. Some photographs of some people just like you and what they will skip for Haiti.

Over the next few days, we will be presenting photos of different people showing what they skipped.

Star of Hope's work in Haiti began in 1974. We work with primary and elementary school activities as we share the Gospel. The goal of our school projects is to provide children with a good start to life and a better future through education.

We currently run seven schools in Haiti. All children receive basic education and school lunch. They have access to clean drinking water and toilets. The school year begins in September and ends in June. Teachers are trained on a regular basis.

It's not just the schoolchildren who get help. We also work with long-term urban development projects, which many thousands of villagers are taking part in.

Join us for Skip it to Give it!

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