Star of Hope USA and our founding organization “Tent Mission” is happy to report in on our new partnership with Awana has been an overwhelming success for all involved.


Awana is relentlessly committed to providing Bible-based evangelism and discipleship opportunities for children ages 2-18. As the global leader in child and youth discipleship, Awana gives children the opportunity to know, love and serve Jesus, no matter their background. Methods are always adapting to meet the unique needs of each community. We hope in the near future we can be teaching this to the 20,000 plus children we support in 14 countries together with our founding organization Tent mission.

We are in the middle of a test project where Pastor Reginald Celestin in Haiti, who is the contact person and liaison between Awana International and Star of Hope Haiti. He writes, “Due to the knowledge, diligence, and support of our trainers, trainees and project areas of service, we will service approximately 3,340 children this school year with the emphasis being put mostly on the 730 kindergarten children…” Wow, what a great mission! A mission that is Bible-based, A Mission we and you can stand behind!

I know your heart is aligned with ours when it comes to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, I know you want to do something fantastic. We have the work in place and the only things we need now is prayer and money to print the Awana books and other materials. We want to take Awana to all our children and more!
AWANA PIX 2.jpgHere is Pastor Reggie’d report.
Report Star of Hope is an educational organization that focuses on supporting and providing pre-and primary to secondary schools in several poor villages of Haiti. Due to the nation’s lack of schooling and high poverty levels, proper education seems like only a dream for many children in Haiti. Often times, if they are able to attend and to afford school, many families may go a day without pay. It is the hope of our organization that we can eliminate these conditions and develop and sustain positive educational environments for our youth.

I began working with Star of Hope Haiti Foundation in January of 2018 as the consulting pastor. My responsibilities include overseeing the implementation of Christian education in schools and reinforcing the spiritual growth of churches. This new position with Star of Hope has allowed me to orchestrate a conference for teachers near and far that are a part of our selected network of projects. The conference took place at the Star of Hope Haiti Foundation office in Marin, Haiti on September4-6, 2018 from 9:00 am - 4:30 pm.

The goal of this AWANA conference was to train teachers to train children in a spiritual manner by applying Christian instruction in school systems. “AWANA” is a worldwide nonprofit ministry focused on providing Bible-based evangelism and discipleship solutions for ages 2-18. As the global leader in child and youth discipleship, AWANA gives children the opportunity to know, love and serve Jesus, no matter their background.”

AWANA PIX # 7.jpgOur seven project areas include Jeanton, Boyer, Rigaud, Bois Negresse, Dano, Marigot, and Hess, and we also invited the areas of Bouvier, Carrefour, and Cavaillon to the conference. With the exception of Jeanton and Dano that brought four representatives each, each project area came with three representatives, the school principal, head of the kindergarten teacher and the Sunday school director from each church. The two AWANA trainers, Baby Nicolas, and Ruth Petit Frère provided our attendees with tremendous work. They are very good at working with children and training adults to work with them as well.
AWANA PIX # 11.jpgEach day provided our participants with a fun, enjoyable and meaningful experience. We began with prayer and praise and worship as a group because as a Christian organization, this is how we will begin to teach the children that we serve. Afterward, our attendees were encouraged to act like children for two days in order to learn, to grow and to experience The AWANA program fully. We received three meals every day during conference times. Myrtha Dor and her kitchen team did a phenomenal job cooking and making everybody feel at home.

On the third day, each participant received the opportunity to practice their knowledge on a group of 20 deserving children. These children, along with three advisors traveled by bus from Love Community Home; an orphanage in Carrefour, Haiti, in order to join and to work with us as we learned about the program. At the orphanage; run by Guy and Merline Vincent, they also head a school that provides education for local children who cannot afford to school elsewhere.
AWANA # 10.jpgWhen the children arrived, they were given lunch and given the opportunity to play in the courtyard. They were so happy. Each child was then put into groups by age and got to go through to learn AWANA training. Afterward, the trainees recognized the students for their great efforts and participation. All 20 children received from Star of Hope a school bag and school supplies for the upcoming school year. Every trainee also received a certificate of completion for their hard work and participation in the process.
AWANA PIX.jpgDue to the knowledge, diligence, and support of our trainers, trainees and project areas of service, we will service approximately 3,340 children this school year with the emphasis being put mostly on the 730 kindergarten children. It was an honor to coordinate and attend this event.

Regular follow-ups will be made throughout the school year in order to monitor the effect of the AWANA materials and also a WhatsApp group has been created with all the participants from the different projects to share experiences and benefits of the AWANA tools. Jeanton has been chosen as the pilot project and the AWANA materials will be tested in both the school and the church and we will start with The AWANA Children club that will meet every Saturday morning from 9:00 AM to 12:00 P.m.
AWANA # 8.jpgWe did it! Thanks to your generous support, all seven projects will start the Christian education program at the earliest age of the children this year. Your gift provides critical support for our organization to apply Proverbs 22:6 “Train up (Catechize) a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

“Boys and girls are future community leaders, entrepreneurs, educators and so much more. Research has shown that investing in children has ripple effects through a community, so if you want to change a country, you start with the children.

On behalf of all of us at Star of Hope Haiti, all projects representatives and all the Children, we thank you again for supporting the AWANA Seminar.

Sincerely, Reginald Celestin
Consulting Pastor for Star of Hope 

Pastor Reginald states we are reaching many more kids than we thought, we want to reach even more but we need your help to bring the gospel to the children!


You can get Involved and help us reach more children.

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Hi and Blessings to you and yours,
Here is an update on the third year of the “Skip it to Give it” campaign. We use the hashtag #skipittogiveit” and our hashtag says it all!
What is it all about, well it will take a small story to tell you.


Typical kitchen.

You see, Haiti is one place I visit that is quite difficult for me on a personal level. I cannot seem to get away from the thought that it is in the western hemisphere, I feel it should not be like this, the country. I am in Haiti in my mind as I write this, where due to repeating disasters, both man-made and natural, have created situations where some people have lost everything they own several times over! I tell people I meet that nowhere I know of have the people become so used to restarting their lives and having restarts as part of their normal life. I believe we need to help with a hand up not a handout. We need to help Haitians there in their community and home. We can be the hand up, it is so easy. 

mi ha.png

So close!

The “Skip it to Give it” campaign can literally change the lives of people in Haiti, just by applying a few simple steps to your and your family's everyday living can bring about a huge change. Imagine thinking about others before buying that Starbucks coffee, or that half dozen Dunkin Donuts, a movie night or a dinner out... and taking those few dollars and giving them to help feed the hungry in Haiti?

A movement can begin with one person sharing about this campaign while catalyzing others to see the need before they spend the green. Being a living example of “Skip it to Give it” to others honors God and makes your light shine a little brighter in a dark world here and there.

On our "skip it to give it page" is everything you need to know about the “Skip it to Give it” campaign, our friend Pastor Jonathan also explains all in a short video and there is the sign-up!

Sara Williams, the project manager is also here to help answer your questions or to give you guidance along the way. If you have any questions, contact her at 620-938-4525.

Please click on the "SITGI" page and thank you in advance for helping Haiti to succeed by starting your “Skip it to Give it” campaign today. Let’s all #skipittogiveit

Sincerely, Mark Presson, CEO


haiti 1 (1).jpg

Port-Au-Prince city, the capital of Haiti was totally blocked all around in each corner with fire barricades and debris by the population who were active in their protest against the Governments measure to increase the gas price on the Haitian market. Many have reacted so brutal with violence, crime, and riot from Friday 6 to Sunday 8 of July that the Government was obliged to retract the decision of increasing the gas price.

Many grocery stores and business have been looted and burnt out. This includes big hotels, banks and cars showrooms have been attacked, many cars in cars dealerships were ruined and burned, even hotels, banks and even parking lots were set afire. It was a chaotic vandalism and a riot situation on the streets of PAP without police intervention. The government retook control of the situation from Monday 9th with serious consequences of Government officials some were dismissed during this weekend. The President of Haiti, Jovenel Moise is in the process with the parliament to form a new Government. Those violent demonstrations have a serious impact on all products prices in the Market. Many businesses stay closed and many people lost their job. Most damages occurred in PAP but the whole country is affected by the negative impact on the economy that was already fragile.haiti 2.jpg

All school projects that Star of Hope support in Haiti were closed for summer break when the unrest situation happened so they are not affected now but will be affected in next coming reopening school year with by the high goods price on food, school uniforms, and books, etc…  So far the situation is calm now while waiting for the new government be in office. God Bless you all as well as Haiti! 

Tony B 

We ask that you consider a special gift for those in danger, infants, single mothers the elderly, all will need food and help. Just like so many places in the world, this is a small percentage of people giving the wrong idea, let's help the ones who are truly needy, a small gift means so much, be blessed!


 - - -




Mark's letter to you and your family - June 2018

Dear Friend
I give you my rich and sincere thanks’ to you and yours.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your support means so much to us here at Star of Hope and to the children we support together.



For the last couple of months, we have supported a new employee in Haiti, Pastor Reginald. Pastor Reginald is a native Haitian and has a heart for his fellow countrymen. Friends, this is “Missions 101”. It is most effective to use Christians already in the focus area to spread the Gospel to the local population.

Pastor Reginald here in the picture has been working with Star of Hope for over 6 months now. His duties are to be a catalyst for pastoral support, development, and effectiveness. His passion and work will help Star of Hope’s success in Haiti to soar to new levels.

Pastor Reggie is also spearheading a curriculum test for Star of Hope International in cooperation with Awana International in Haiti. Awanas’ training of Pastor Reggie is a 1 on 1 method so he will be able to turn around and train pastors and then they can in turn train other staff to do the same. Potentially we will be reaching over 2,000 children with a proven program that introduces Christ to the children in their own community by the end of the year. Children are encouraged to participate in our Awana development project but are not forced. Because we are a Christian organization we want our children to have the opportunity to hear the Gospel as often as possible.

John 12:24 tells us, “Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.”

Pastor Reginald, or Reggie as we usually call him, is a very talented and gifted young man who has all the skills needed to reach these children, their teachers, and pastors. However, we are short on his salary so we need to raise more funds to pay him and to support the work. Pastor Reggie’s salary is one thousand dollars a month.

Please consider increasing your monthly gift to support Pastor Reginald in this area of God’s work. Perhaps you can even pay for a whole month? The seed that you will plant is not short-term prosperity gospel; it is something that can grow into a blessing for everyone involved in ways we can only imagine.

Help us spread the Word by supporting our development and our Awana International pastor in Haiti.

We have started this work; now we need your help to continue the good work. Will you help support Pastor Reggie in Haiti?

God bless you and thank you for everything you have done I send out a blessing to your family members and for you.

Peace and pray for all who are sick where you are and all over the globe.

Be a part of the Gospel in Action here with a new or extra gift! 

Or send to POB 427, Ellinwood Ks, 67526

Also be on the lookout for the 3rd year of "Skip it to give it" where you do without something small and jump start or restart or intensify prayer in the home. 


In His Name


CEO Star of Hope

mark p.jpg

Be a part of the Gospel in Action here with a new or extra gift!


    Star of Hope ®
PO Box 427 Toll Free: (866) 653-0321
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It is not always perfect - foto @gift Gift Habeshaw

We want to celebrate mothers this month and we are asking you to help a stranger. Just as the Bible tells us. The mothers we want you to help are far away and have a hard life with little joy.

"He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness. You will be enriched in every way for all your generosity, which through us will produce thanksgiving to God. For the ministry of this service is not only supplying the needs of the saints but is also overflowing in many thanksgivings to God.” 2 Cor. 9:6-12 (ESV)

Becoming a mother or a mom is one of the biggest things that can happen in a woman's life. My own happiness to be a father has been unmatched by all other earthly events. From my own experience, I have gained an enormous admiration for all mothers. My wife Maria has had the good fortune to be a mother twice. Sadly, not all mothers have the opportunities and care my wife has had.

Every mother deserves to experience happiness at that moment when she, for the first time, holds her child in her arms. But if you become a mother at the wrong time in life, happiness can be flooded by worry over what kind of life you will be able to give your child.

Having a baby when you are still a child yourself always poses great challenges and risks. Even here in the United States, it is difficult but it’s even harder and very often life-threatening if you live in extremely poor conditions. In the poorest countries, many fears hang like a dark shadow over mother and child. A common fear is that they will not be able to finish their education and subsequently result in a life of continued hopeless misery. I admire all the young women who, despite their situation, do not give up. I've seen proof of their fighting spirit around the world, and when they show this spirit, we cannot look away. It's not just our responsibility to help - it's a great opportunity! These young mothers don’t prefer a hand-out; they ask for an education so they will be able to support themselves. All we have to do is give them a chance, a “hand-up”.

Join us in celebrating Mothers this month and especially on "Mothers Day" by being there for mothers in need! Celebrate with an extra gift for the mothers - for the sake of their children too. Both are worth it, right?

With just a smidgeon of help or a hand up, some girls can do great things, here is one example:


Left Mariela - with Danisa

32-year-old Mariela is a living example of what it may mean to receive support when you need it the best. She belongs to the minority people, Toba, in Argentina and was only 16 years old when she had her daughter Danisa. From day one they had to manage without Dani's father, but Mariela had something that most people around her did not have, support from Star of Hope. It has taken time but she has struggled step by step to continue her education. Three years ago she was accepted into the University of Castelli, 60 miles from her hometown. In three more years she will be a graduate with a law degree and work as a lawyer. "I never could have gone to school without the support from Star of Hope and my mother. Both have been there all the time and for the help, “she says. It's not just about financial support for school fees and school materials. She points out, "They are always there for me, and they lead and support me. Many believed that I was sentenced to a life of poverty when I had a child so young, but Star of Hope continued to believe in me and my dreams and goals. Reaching my dreams have been very tough, but definitely worth fighting for.”


David Johansson, Mariela, Maria and Mark Presson - 2017

Give a seed to help the single girls who are pregnant or have children. Remember many of the girls had no choice in the matter and we are not talking about just being coerced, we are talking about forced or worse.





Dear Friend

I give you my rich and sincere thanks’ to you and yours.

This month I will address a basic need so common that the importance is often overlooked as we here in the US have it easily available, I am talking about access to clean water. This is primarily for drinking and cooking and we are talking about the country of Haiti, the poorest country in our Hemisphere and one of the poorest countries in the world.
Without a doubt, you already know how important water is to all human beings, especially the children. Star of Hope supports over 25,000 children every day and that is a large number of children.  We strive to be sure that every one of them has access to clean drinking water.

water well hesse 1.jpg
We have a long way to go in Haiti. Fifty percent of children lack access to clean drinking water, and only one in four have access to something you and I would call a simple toilet. 

Star of Hope through a partnership with a drilling company is in a position where we can get a $12,000 hand pump well drilled and installed for only $5,000. This well will save lives and make a community vibrant and reduce disease.

We want to drill more water wells; we want you to help us with an extra gift for this need. Some of you might be able to afford to drill a well at $5,000; it’s a reachable goal for many of you. Yet there is also great strength when many come together to drill a well. If 50 people each give 100 dollars, then together we will be able to drill a well.

WATER 2.jpgThere are many ways an individual can raise money for a well. If you want ideas, call me and I will be happy to share ideas. The important thing is to make sure that together can give clean water to the ones without.

Our friends Glorie and Joe hosted a dinner last week and they want to drill 5 wells, we are on the way but need more help, is it you?

God bless you and thank you for everything you have done I sent out a blessing to your family members and for you.

Peace and pray for all who are sick where you are and all over the globe.

In His Name

CEO Star of Hope

You already know the importance of water. One thing you probably didn't know is that the cholera outbreak from 2010 is still creating health problems especially for children in Haiti.

Every day children in Haiti spend many hours collecting water. They place heavy buckets of water on their heads and walk mile after mile to provide water for their family's basic needs.
Please, just for a moment, stop and get an image in your mind of how this might look.

Be a part of the next well here!

Water, just plain water and yet life-giving. So easily we take for granted our clean fresh water. Of course, for us who live here in the USA, we are solaced by the fact that the water faucet just needs a small turn and the life-giving liquid will flow and usually never do we give it a second thought.

We want to do our part in providing water to some of the almost 50% in Haiti who have no access to an improved water source.

Some of our schools have no dependable source of clean water. For home use children help by carrying water from the public water sources far away; a stream, a water kiosk or a cistern. Also, many health issues are central to clean water; it is a statistical fact that clean water would reduce the number of deaths caused by diarrhea and other intestinal diseases by 50%.

This is a simple defined project with a clear start and finish, a new working water well.

We drill two sizes of wells in Haiti:
• Star of Hope together with grants from Blue Ridge Drilling in Haiti can drill a new well at a subsidized price in a water-poor community for only $5,000 dollars. This will be a simple hand pump unit.
• For $27,000 dollars we can drill and build a solar-powered water kiosk. The population served varies.

Let’s just break that down in a different syntax; warnings exist that only one in three on earth will have clean water in the future. Let’s drill now, so we can hedge the expected decrease of water and give improved water to people who have none.

Star of Hope a US 501(C)(3), established (est. 1966) helps more than 30,000 children and young people across the world. We strive to motivate the children with an education so they can create a better future not only for themselves but for their communities.

Our Mission is to help the poorest children around the world create a better life for themselves.

Our Vision is a world where all children have an opportunity to become educated, healthy adults, get involved in their communities and share their love of Jesus Christ.

JOIN US! or call Mark Presson CEO

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