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Feb 27,2013: Starteam finished all roofing reinforcement work  in jeanton school today. The 2 school buildings roof have been completed, church has been repaired, candy and gifts have beedistributed to preschool children and first graders. school staff and children meet starteam on the school yard to pray for them, to sing for them and to tank them for good work they have done for the school to be stronger and for their love. starteam will visit Boyer  tomorrow and Carrefour orphanage on friday. it is a successful mission work for SOHH and for Jeanton community. May god bless them for a safe trip back on Friday.

Today was our first day of work. It began with a wonderful welcoming ceremony by the school children. This is my third trip to Haiti, and my second to Jeanton. Barry Parker and myself were a part of a larger team to Jeanton about a year and a half ago. During the opening ceremony, Tony asked the children if they remembered us. They did, and as we scanned the crowd of faces, we recognized them too. I was so encouraged yesterday to see all that has changed at this school. Star of Hope is doing amazing things to make the lives of these children brighter, and I am proud that I get to be a small piece of that light. We spent today installing hurricane ties on the roof structure to help it sustain strong winds. We've gotten a lot accomplished on the first day. Tony says we work too fast, and he may have to find something else for us to do. It probably will not include hanging around at the beach! :) I've been encouraged by the other improvements I've seen on this trip. The highway out to Jeanton is nice and smooth. The airport is all in one air conditioned building! The change is slow, but it is changing. That is all to report for now!

Bob Baker

Lopez family has three children. The eldest is José, 8 years. He is relatively prosperous. His younger sisters Julineiys, 5 years, and Yesica, 4 years, however, are small in stature and malnourished. They both go to the small feeding centre Villa Gloria daily to get themselves a proper meal.

Julineiys and her sister Yescia hanging on the lock to the cafeteria for half an hour before it opened. They stand first in line as usual. The other bigger kids are also hungry but know that Julineiys and Yesica has been particularly difficult.

—    It's the only food we usually get, mom cook once a week, says Julineiys with feeble voice as she monitors their place in the queue.
She is very small in stature and looks very fragile out. It is believed she will fall together at any moment. Julineiys Nayibis mother says that she is very thankful to feeding centre Villa Gloria. Without it, the kids feel even worse, since there is seldom cooked food at the family home.

After school usually Julineiys play with her ??sister, often playing those with a small kitchen set in plastic.

—    We play that we cook the meat, says Julineiys. Meat is good but it is seldom that we eat it at home.

Although the future looks pretty dark and gloomy for young Julineiys so happy she dreams about it. She says that she wants to become a doctor so she can heal the sick and make sure they do not go hungry.

The sound level of feeding centre is high. Before the food is served to the children sing and pray grace together. When the food comes in so throw Julineiys itself rice and salad. She has not eaten since yesterday she says with a little smile. She finished first of all children and stops the banana in your pocket.

—    I save it for dinner tonight, she concludes with a smiling.

Feb 25th, 2013:

first day of work  is a successful accomplishment. Starteam members  worked from 9:00 to 15:00,  lot of works have been done screwing hurricane-ties and nailing wood brave cross to strengthen the main tresses of the school roof. if they continue working at this speed, by tomorrow job will be at 3/4 done. They are fast and efficient full with energy . Children and school staff are all happy to see and meet members of the team that had been  welcome with  two songs: welcome song and evangelical song.  It was also great occasion for some kids to know how play American football with team members.   it was was a joyful meeting and working day for  starteam members as well for the children of Jeanton school. Tony

 february 24, 2013: Star of Hope Haiti receive mission team of 4 men from Kansas to help as volunteer  reinforce new school roof  structure of Jeanton to resist better of hurricanes wind.  they will strengthen tresses and lattes using hurricane-ties and adding more wood attach. They will have also privilege to meet 300 hundreds school staff and children in  Jeanton kids to talk about Jesus. It is a blessing for Star of Hope development works in Haiti. Pray for them .

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