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Women's Conference.

Star of Hope Romania Foundation with the support from Star of Hope International Sweden and some sponsors from USA, organized a CONFERENCE FOR WOMEN. The motto was, "Promoting women's physical and spiritual health". It was attended by more than 250 women from several cities. They were mothers from different associations of parents of children with disabilities and special needs children.

This conference marked the first time in Romania that so many mothers came together at the same time gathered to socialize, share experiences, fellowship together and worship the Lord. Dr. Rodica Malos, a USA lecturer commented; "I saw many tears and many hearts touched by this conference. Many women were encouraged to remain strong and to have faith in God in everyday life, not letting despair set in when passing through difficult times. If you are reading this - then you are one of those who live in a country with multiple avenues to access help with disabled children. Daniela Pascanu is the mother of a daughter with Autism living in Romania.

Please read her comments and imagine what such a conference means to her:

"The 18th and 19th of September were the brightest days in September. The souls of all of us who have participated in this conference have been filled by a beneficent and holy light. We all got so much love and friendship that I wish that those 2 days never ended. Our heart, brain and our bodies have realized how important is the love for God and for our neighbor. All distinguished guests from abroad and from Romania enriched our souls, minds and hearts by sharing their lifetime and lovetime experiences with us. It was the most wonderful therapy for us as mothers. We felt valued and encouraged to hope for better. I left the conference room being sorry that time has passed so quickly but hoping these wonderful meetings will continue in the near future. My only regret was that this conference wasn't organized earlier. Perhaps it I had realized sooner all things to be treasured in life and marriage I would not have reached a divorce. We must admit that a child with special needs has to have special parents and that's the training for us to become aware of the importance of love and respect in our families. We thank the organizers and especially the Star of Hope Foundation for the success of this meeting and thank you for the special guests and wonjderful doctors, psychologists and politicians and such wonderful worship team who have sing so beautifully and have facilitated our praying way to God. Tears of gratitude and love for all suffering people were ongoing on our faces. Thank you for those special moments when I felt the divine comfort."

Daniela, RomaniaTwenty-two years after Star of Hope first started a work in Romania, there is evidence that a conscious commitment to improve the lives of the children has borne fruit; today, many of the major institutions are abandoned or greatly changed and many children with disabilities may stay at home or in foster families. Many of the children have been given an opportunity to enter the normal Romanian schools.

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This was a great accomplishment to meet the physical needs of the affected.

Adding the WOMEN'S CONFERENCE to our efforts in Romania is meeting an even greater need; Meeting the spiritual needs of the women which will affect not only themselves but their families. It is now time, once again, for the 3rd Star of Hope Romania Foundation Annual Women's Conference, September 16-18. These conferences have made such a difference that it is obvious we need to hold them more often. Please consider how you will help support this ministry, making it possible to hold future conferences.

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