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Approximately 90 km from Port Au Prince lies the village of Boyer, in the underdeveloped countryside. As in most rural villages, there are no city services. They live without electricity, running water, health clinics, and no government schools. The people who live here survive by working their small farms that have been passed down from generation to generation. Beans and plantains are their primary crops. They try to keep goats and chickens as collateral for extra money in case of an emergency Star of Hope has operated a school in Boyer since 1994. In Boyer, a few houses collapsed but most of the village was untouched.

Currently, there are 500 children between the ages of 4 – 16 who attend school every day; first and foremost to obtain an education. They recognize that an education is the most direct path to a better life for the individuals and hope for the village. Hot lunches are served daily. That one, simple meal has become even more important since food prices in the country have multiplied and make is nearly impossible for many parents to purchase the basic food items like, rice, beans and cooking oil. While there is no clinic or medical staff in attendance the children learn to manage their personal hygiene, which in turn helps prevent many diseases and leads to better health in general.

The students learn reading, writing, arithmetic, history, French, and religion. They stay in school under the sponsorship program until they are 16 years old. Currently, there is no further formal education program to offer them. Thirty-three students graduated from a new sewing class last year. At the time of graduation already 3 students had jobs lined up. When the funding is in place, Star of Hope will sponsor a second class.

A water cache was completed in June 2011. It can be treated and thus assuring that the children will have potable water and help avoid diseases such as cholera and other diarrheal diseases. The construction of new pre-school classrooms is also in the finishing stages.

Hope to the hopeless and/or discouraged. Star of Hope is privileged to sponsor and participate in the life-changing programs of Boyer.




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Facts: Haiti

Population: 9,923,000 (2009)
Government: Republic
Area: 210,712 Sq Mi
Capital: Port-au-Prince
Per Capita Income:  $790 USD (2009)
Currency: Gourde
Language(s): French and Creole are the official languages.
Primary Exports: Clothing, shoes, mango,cocoa and coffee
Religion: Catholic