All children should have the right to knowledge. They need the opportunity to learn reading, writing, and mathematics. Star of Hope International supports education making access to education a priority.

3 girls at star of hope romania preschool

We build pre-schools as well as elementary and vocational school complexes.

We provide teacher improvement training.

We provide school materials, books, and supplies needed in classrooms.

We provide pre-school (early childhood) education.

We provide elementary education programs.

We "strive" to provide faith-based teachings at all our schools in all grades.

We provide high school and vocational level schooling where appropriate. In the cases where a child's sponsor is able to provide education even to the university level, we make it happen.

We provide community education for adults in literacy, agriculture, and skills for self-economic improvement because a family unit that can provide for itself helps the child thrive.



Did you know that...

18 landerStar of Hope has projects in 15 countries around the world?

30000 barn

Also every day, more than 30,000 children receive education and care through Star of Hope? Also, we touch over 35,000 children each day with services!


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