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On this page we have placed the most common questions we receive regarding sponsorship. If you have questions about something we do not address here, feel free to contact us; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (620 564 3355 or use our contact form.

More than 80% of the resources we have to work with, come from individual sponsors, donors, and businesses. For us, therefore, it is extremely important that as a sponsor are happy with your sponsorship.

Without sponsors Star of Hope cannot change anything! But together we can achieve a goal;  that children in the world should have their primary needs met. It is a lengthy process but together we can achieve long-term goals. You can follow a project, see the progress, and be a part of the whole work.

Does sponsor support really work?

Yes, it does! The vast majority of our sponsored children finish primary school and many go on to higher education. In the process, you as a sponsor are extremely important! With your gift you are not only giving material support, you show that you care, which increases children's self-worth tremendously. The children and their parents have a hope that it can change a seemingly hopeless situation.

On our website, you can read about some former sponsored children who now live a completely different life than they would have done without sponsor support. Read about changed lives.

What is the sponsor money used for?

Your gift is used for education, school supplies such as school books, school desks and chairs, and uniforms. It will also pay rent, salaries for teachers and educators, food, and more.

How do I know my gift reaches the sponsored child?

In most countries where we work, there are structured Star of Hope organizations responsible for providing children with the help they need. In other countries, there are agreements with local organizations with similar responsibilities. Our employees in various countries, as well as staff from Star of Hope, regularly visit the projects to make sure the work is functioning.

Which children may be involved in a project?

Many of our pre-and primary schools is situated in villages where there was previously no school. Here we try to make room for all children. In other places, it's controlled by the need. We strive to help those children who need it most.

What about children in the project who have no sponsors, are they left out?

Our sponsor gifts do not go to any individual children, but to the project where the children are. All children will receive the same help.

In what ways can you be a sponsor to Star of Hope?

We have several different types of sponsorships. You can choose to be an individual child sponsor, food donor, internet sponsor, or project donor.

Can I and a friend team up and become a sponsor together?

Yes, several people can sponsor a child or project together. We are flexible and keen to be able to help in the way that suits you best.

What happens when I sign up as a sponsor?

Based on the sponsor form you choose, information and pictures about your project will be sent to you via mail or email. As a sponsor, you also get a picture of your sponsored child and information about the child's background and life situation. You may also select the payment method that suits you best.

How long do I commit to sponsoring a child?

Our desire is that you continue to participate in this important endeavor for several years, but with a commitment of at least 1 year if possible. The needs in our world are enormous and our vision is to do all we can to alleviate the suffering of so many. If for any reason you must discontinue your sponsorship, we would appreciate you notifying Star of Hope so that another sponsor may be found for your child or project. However long you can participate is greatly appreciated.

Sponsor an individual child.

Your sponsor gift helps provide all of the children in a project with food, education, and development of their local environment. You, however, will follow the development of a specific child. 

Does a child have several sponsors?

A child can have between one and four sponsors, depending on the cost index of the country in which you are involved.

How long can I sponsor my child?

It depends on how long the child is left in our project and the type of project in which the child participates. In several countries like Ghana and Brazil, we work primarily with pre-schools where children need a lot of basic knowledge before they start primary school. In other countries like Haiti, Argentina, and the Philippines, we operate and support primary schools, where you can follow your child at an older age.

In your sponsorship package, it will say how long a child usually stays in the current project.

What if my sponsor child moves?

Our projects are located in poor areas, often with high unemployment. In order to find work, the family often moves. When a sponsor child moves it leaves our sponsorship program. The child's place in the project is then offered to another child and you are offered to become a sponsor to another child.

What happens when my sponsor child graduates?

We will inform you and at the same time offer you to sponsor another needy child. Of course, it's completely optional to continue as a sponsor. No matter what you choose we hope you believe and understand that what you have done has been important for your sponsored child.

What happens to my sponsored child if I cannot continue to be a sponsor?

We find a new sponsor for the child. No child will be abandoned.  

I have not received any message from my sponsor child. Why?

If you have not received any message from your sponsored child, even though you have been a sponsor for a longer period of time, please contact us. It is possible that the mail was was lost or not sent.

Can I send packages to my sponsored child?

It is possible to send small packages to most of our project countries. To avoid creating unnecessary injustice, we ask you not to send too expensive or fine gifts. It can also be good to send something that all children in the project can enjoy.

Can I write letters to my sponsored child or sponsor project?

Yes, children love getting letters and cards, and will proudly show them to anyone who wants to see them. Often the child does not understand that they have a sponsor until he or she receives a greeting from you. However, you do not have to feel forced, your contribution is important nonetheless.

In your project information, it tells you which language you should use. In most cases, it is English. You will find post and email addresses in your project information packet. If you use email, you will also receive answers via email, and postage costs for our project countries will be much lower. Just understand that it may take time before you get a response. For more information visit a letter means so much.

Can I visit my sponsored child or project?

Yes. All of the pictures in the world cannot compare with seeing, first hand, the results your donations have.  When you decide to visit your sponsored child and the project you are supporting, the trip should be planned well in advance. Contact Star of Hope at least two months before you intend to visit, preferably even earlier. Together we can then plan your trip to suit both them and you. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone 620 564 3355

Project Sponsor

With your sponsorship gift, you support a project as a whole and do not follow any particular child. You can be a Project sponsor for example for our work with children with special needs or our rolling health clinic in Brazil. As a Village sponsor you are working to improve conditions for all children in the village and as a Food sponsor, you are focusing your help on food and help to reduce the number of malnourished children.

Several of the projects you can also support and monitor in our award-winning platform Internet Sponsor. (2022 this has been changed to MY PAGES)

As a sponsor of Star of Hope, you also get current information about Star of Hope's work in the world.

For us it is important that you want to help and are able to do it in a way that suits you.

If I´m a project sponsor, can I still write letters or send gifts?

Yes, just remember that you write to a larger group of children and the gift should fit the whole group.

Special Gifts and How to Make Payments 

Extra Gifts

Instead of sending a package, you can give your sponsor child / project an extra gift. Our people in the project countries then buy a gift for the child / project, usually something they need.

Extra gifts can also be used to organize a party or outing for all children such as everyone who had a birthday the past month or quarter. Other places used the money for something that the whole class or preschool group needs.

Here you can learn about payment methods.
State tax and legal registrations

State Legal Disclosures:

This is not the most current list, the actual list can be obtained from Star of Hope USA 866 653 0321

FLORIDA “A COPY OF THE OFFICIAL REGISTRATION AND FINANCIAL INFORMATION MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE DIVISION OF CONSUMER SERVICES BY CALLING TOLL-FREE, 1-800-435-7352 WITHIN THE STATE. REGISTRATION DOES NOT IMPLY ENDORSEMENT, APPROVAL, OR RECOMMENDATION BY THE STATE. Washington: Financial information available from the Corporations Divisions Office of the Secretary of State P.O. Box 40234, Olympia WA 98504-0234 or call, in-state, 1-800-332-4483. Registration # 10908 Maryland: Documents and information submitted under the Maryland Solicitations Act are available, for the cost of postage and copies, from the Maryland Secretary of State, State House, Annapolis MD 21401, (410) 974-5534. Pennsylvania: The official registration and financial information of Star of Hope International America, Inc. may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free, within Pennsylvania, 1 (800) 732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement. MINNESOTA: The mission of Star of Hope International, America, Inc. is to equip children across the world with knowledge, physical well-being spiritual growth, and social skills through educational programs and local international partnerships. Information concerning Star of Hope International, America, Inc. a 501(c)3 organization, may be obtained without cost by, writing to our principal place of business at the following address: PO Box 427, Ellinwood, KS 67526, or by calling toll free 1-866-653-0321. MISSISSIPPI: “The official registration and financial information of Star of Hope International America, Inc. may be obtained from the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office by calling 1-888-236-6167. Registration by the Secretary of State does not imply endorsement by the Secretary of State.” West Virginia residents may obtain a summary of the registration and financial documentation from the Secretary of State, State Capital, Charleston West Virginia, 25305. Registration does not imply endorsement. New Jersey: Information filed with the Attorney General concerning this charitable solicitation and the percentage of contributions received by the charity during the last reporting period that were dedicated to the charitable purpose may be obtained from the Attorney General of the state of New Jersey by calling (973) 504-6215 and is available on the internet at . Registration with the Attorney General does not imply endorsement. New York: Upon request, a copy of the latest annual report can be obtained from the organization or from the office of the Attorney General by writing to the Charities Bureau at 120 Broadway, New York, NY 10271. Upon request, a person may obtain from the organization such a description of the programs and activities for which it has requested contributions. North Carolina: Financial information about this organization and copy of its license are available from the State Solicitation Licensing Branch at 1-888-860-4989. The license is not an endorsement by the State. Oregon: The headquarters of this organization is located at Star of Hope International, P.O. Box 427 Ellinwood, KS 67526. Virginia: Financial statements for the last fiscal year are available from the State Office of Consumer Affairs, P. o. Box 1163, Richmond, VA 23218. Georgia: A full and fair description of the charitable program for which this solicitation campaign is being carried out, and a full and fair description of the programs and activities of this organization, will be sent upon request. A financial statement or summary consistent with the financial statement required to be filed with the Sec. of State pursuant to Georgia Code 43-17-5 will be sent upon request.

Star of Hope International, America, Inc, PO Box 427, Ellinwood KS 67526 (620) 564 3355 Federal Tax ID: 59-2844916

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