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Invitation: Help Disabled Children and Parents at the Camp!

Join us in supporting the annual camp organized by the Star of Hope Romania Foundation, dedicated to disabled children and their parents. Our mission is to bring light and the message of God into the lives of these children and families. We aim to include parents and children from various centers, such as Iași, Dorohoi, Botoșani, Bârlad, Suceava, and Chisinau, who are dealing with conditions like autism and Down syndrome. The purpose of this camp is to create a harmonious and loving environment where families can experience the love of God and spend quality time together, away from their every day worries.


Over the years, many parents and children have found faith and were baptized at these conferences. It's also an opportunity for them to learn from families in other regions and countries, as well as from specialists in the field. We particularly want to offer encouragement to single mothers raising disabled children. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to organize this event since 2019 due to the pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine.

Who benefits: Parents with disabled children.

Goal: Over a 7-day period, we aim to bring light and the word of God into their hearts, helping them realize their unique purpose and the value of every individual, including children with disabilities and their parents.

Objectives: Through the teachings of the Bible, we want parents, children, and families to experience the natural harmony of family life. They will have the opportunity to connect with other families facing similar challenges, learn from different regions and countries, and engage with professionals in the field.

Costs: The cost per person for the 7-day camp, including accommodation and meals, is $250.

"These summer days are highly anticipated by us. They are filled with emotion, information, connection, encouragement, and the presence of beautiful and dear people. Although our hearts ache when we see our son's condition deteriorate, we find happiness in sharing moments with others who understand our struggles. These days are precious to us as we welcome God into our hearts." (Mother of a young man with Down Syndrome, Star of Hope Dorohoi Center)

"Each year, I am spiritually enriched by this conference. I have encountered wonderful individuals who, through their actions, provide us with hope. Let's believe that our steps, although slower, lead us towards the light..."





Matei is one of the 23 disabled children from the Dorohoi Center. At the age of 3, he was adopted by a compassionate family from Dorohoi, who already had two adopted children. Initially, they were unaware of his disability, but his adoptive mother cared for him as her own. Since joining our Therapy Center, Matei has made visible progress. This year, we aim to introduce this family to God, as they come from an Orthodox background. They will have the opportunity to attend an evangelization conference alongside other disabled children and their parents.

Our goal is to have a minimum of 150 participants at the camp, including 50 children with disabilities, parents, volunteers, and specialists.

You can contribute by making any donation of $250, which will enable a child or a mother to participate in the camp. Any amount will be pooled with other gifts to send more children!

May God bless you!


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