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Investment Opportunity: Empower Communities

through Red Onion Farming


Are you enthusiastic about farming or business, just extending a helping hand to those in need? Star of Hope International Foundation Kenya presents a remarkable opportunity that combines both passions. Join Gilbert Ochieng, our Manager and Operations Director, as we embark on a mission to cultivate change through red onion farming.

Investment appeal from Gilbert Ochieng. Gilbert is the manager and Operations Director of Star of Hope International Foundation – Kenya.

Cultivating Change through Red Onion Farming – Join Our Mission

Hello, Friends

We are thrilled to introduce you to an exciting initiative that embodies our core values and promises to make a significant impact on the communities we serve.


The Challenge We Face

Star of Hope International Foundation Kenya uplifts underserved communities in Mombasa, Kenya. However, recent global economic challenges have strained their finances, resulting in a monthly budget deficit and debts with suppliers.

Our Solution: Red Onion Farming for Self-Sufficiency

Our red onion farming project is a lucrative venture in Kenya, with one acre capable of yielding 10 tons of red onions, generating $11,000 per harvest with a reasonable input cost of $1,000. With three annual harvests, our plan is to lease 10 acres of farmland, generating $330,000 annually to support our budget. To kickstart this self-sustaining project, we require $20,000.


Budget Overview

10 Acres Farmland Rent: $5,500

Water Source: $4,000

Land Preparation and Utilities: $6,000

Caretakers Salaries: $7,200

Miscellaneous Expenses: $950



Join Us in Making a Difference

We have secured $10,000 of the required funds and are hopeful for an additional $10,000. Yes, we need just $10,000 more to initiate this transformative project. Once launched, the project will become self-sufficient and generate the income needed to sustain itself.

As a part of this opportunity, you will contribute to empowering communities, alleviating poverty, and promoting self-sufficiency. Your support will create immediate change and lay the foundation for a brighter future for generations to come.


Warm Regards,

Gilbert Ochieng

Operations Director,

Star of Hope International Foundation – Kenya


        Contact information: email 


Investors! More information is available from CEO Mark Presson or directly from Gilbert in Kenya, via the e-mail above or use the form below.

Contact form.

If this endeavor feels too big for you right now but you still wish to support us with a one-time gift of your choice, please visit: I will help the farm.




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Facts: Kenya

Population: 41,609,728 (2011)
Government: Republic, unitary state
Area: 582 646 km2
Capital: Nairobi, 3 200 000 residents (2010)
Population Growth: 2,9 %
Per Capita Income: $875 USD (2011)
Currency: Kenya Shilling
Language(s): Swahili (Kiswahili), english and about 30 local languages
Primary Exports: Agricultural produces, coffee, fruit and tea
Religion:  Majority Christians with indigenous religions.
Literacy: 87 %
Percentage of children starting primary school: 82,8 % (2009)