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Bring Joy to Children: Join Star of Hope's Year-End Appeal!

Together this year, thanks to you, we experienced the joy and accomplishment of changing children’s lives and spreading the Gospel. In spite of the challenges our world faced, your unwavering support kept us going, making a difference where it was needed most.


Despite the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and the complex situation in Haiti, your generosity enabled us to continue our vital work. We've provided assistance to refugees, tackled gang violence, and navigated the absence of a stable government. Through it all, we never gave up!

Your support has allowed us to maintain feeding programs, ensuring that kids and families have access to nourishing meals. In Haiti and Kenya, our farming initiatives have flourished, contributing to sustainable solutions for communities in need.


We've restarted closed programs, offering emotional and psychological support to children facing pandemic-related challenges. Our schools, facing the impact of global inflation, have found innovative ways to keep the educational process going.

The Awana partnership has thrived, and the Gospel is being shared more than ever. The 20,000-plus kids our work touches continue to experience the positive impact of your generosity.


Your contributions have kept our budget alive, and we want to express our heartfelt gratitude. You are not taken for granted, and we truly bless you for your ongoing commitment.

While some plans for new wells had to be postponed, your support has laid the groundwork for future initiatives. This year, our year-end giving will primarily focus on shoring up our feeding budget where it is most needed.


Your year-end gift is not a one-time deal, it is a hand-up, and together with others like you, your gift has the potential to make thousands of boys and girls happy and feel the love. 

Giving them joy by showing them love can create a positive change in the children and ultimately a whole community. It will, I bet, make you feel warm and fuzzy inside too.



Your year-end gift is more than a one-time donation; it is a hand-up that, combined with others like yours, has the potential to bring happiness and love to thousands of boys and girls. By giving them joy and showing them love, we can create a positive change in their lives and, ultimately, in entire communities. We believe it will also make you feel warm and fuzzy inside!


Please consider Star of Hope for your year-end giving, just click here.

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Rich Blessings and thanks!

Mark Presson CEO

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Hey there! It's Star of Hope!

A while ago, I got to meet Tony and Myrta, who run our Haiti branch. Unfortunately, it's still too risky for foreigners to travel to Haiti, but despite that, we're running seven schools and supporting seven churches in the country.

But we're facing a lot of challenges right now, like gang violence, fuel shortages, and skyrocketing food prices. It's tough, but Tony and Myrta are doing an amazing job. They're risking their own safety to keep things going, and we're so proud to have them on our team.

Unfortunately, three of our schools are in a really dangerous area because of the violence. Our workers and students are at risk every day. But Tony's set up a network to keep us all informed, and we're doing our best to keep things going. We've had to cut back our "lunch buddy program" to just four lunches a week because of all these difficulties.

We need help, and not just with food. We need new textbooks, replacement solar batteries, internet in some areas, training for teachers, computer facilities for students, and laptops for teachers. It's a lot, but we're doing our best.

Despite all of this, we're still educating kids and spreading the message of Christ, thanks to people like you. We appreciate any help you can give us as we work in this tough environment.

Remember, the kids are getting an education, food, and love because of you and people like you. We're doing all we can to make a difference, and we'd be grateful for any extra help you can provide.

 This month we ask for extra help with school lunches.    donate

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Thank you and rich blessings,
Mark Presson

CEO Star of Hope






Spread Holiday Joy with Star of Hope's Christmas Catalog 2023! 🎄✨


The spirit of Christmas is upon us, and we're thrilled to announce that the Christmas Catalog 2023 is now ready for you and your loved ones! 🎁 Join us in making this holiday season truly special by exploring joy-filled options, meaningful gifts, and festive ideas that not only bring cheer to your homes but also light up the lives of those in need.

As part of the kids friend group, Star of Hope is honored to have you on board for the kids.

This year, we invite you to be a beacon of hope through our "Pay it Forward" Christmas event. Together, let's make a global impact and spread the warmth of the season to those who could use a little extra light.

The Guide is available online here: Christmas Shop

The downloadable PDF is accessible here: Download


Your gifts truly make a difference! Whether it's goats, chickens, seeds, or books, your contributions meet crucial needs and transform lives. Witness the positive impact of your generosity as our Star of Hope teams deliver life-changing gifts. Your support creates real change, bringing hope, prosperity, the Gospel, and a brighter future to those in need.

Witness the hope and gratitude in children and families' eyes as Star of Hope teams deliver life-changing gifts. Your contributions create real change. Thank you for giving hope, prosperity, the Gospel, and a future to those in need.


Visit the Christmas shop to see what you and your family can do to spread joy this Christmas.

The Guide is available here: Christmas Shop

The downloadable PDF is accessible here: Download

If you need printed copies or assistance, please call 620-204-1865 (Mark).

Explore our Christmas web shop at www.starofhope.us/shop.

Blessings for a beautiful holiday season!


🙏 God Bless you, the Church Body, and your loved ones.

Mark Presson – Star of Hope – Ellinwood, Kansas, and the World.


If you gave to the Children of War or other Star of Hope project, thank you!

If you are a supporter or monthly giver thank you more!


Keeping the Mission going means we can continue to do all we do as well as raise funds for example to help hand-to-mouth farmers in Haiti be able to borrow simple farm tools so they can plant basic crops. NO they do not have the economy to own their own tools, hence a tool bank.


Thank you for your generous contribution, which is crucial to our mission of providing aid and education to those in need. While we are grateful for every gift we receive, we rely on monthly sponsors to keep our operations running smoothly. Without regular monthly support, we would be forced to shut down our schools and centers and let go of our dedicated staff.

Just like a normal household, we have fixed costs that must be paid every month. Rent, electricity, and food for our students are just a few of the expenses we must cover to keep our programs running. That's why we need to know that we have a reliable source of income each month.

While unexpected large gifts are wonderful for special projects, they cannot sustain our long-term aid work. We cannot rely on sporadic donations to pay our staff or fund our programs. 

It is only through the faithful support of monthly sponsors ( thank you who are again!) that we can continue to provide education, develop communities, spread the Gospel, and support to those who need it most.

Your contributions, no matter how small, make a tremendous difference in the lives of our students. They are worth more than millions to the children we serve. If you want to become a monthly sponsor, please click the link below.

To those who have been with us and helped, Thank you again for your support.

Are you new or undecided, trust us is it time to sign up and be a monthly sponsor.

Use the link below to give from the heart.

Rich Blessings

Mark Presson




Warm greetings from Star of Hope!

As we approach the Christmas season, we are reaching out to you with heartfelt gratitude for your continued support and a special request to make this Christmas brighter for the children and families we serve. Your generosity has been instrumental in bringing hope to those in need, and we are excited to share updates on our projects and the impactful work we've been able to achieve with your support.

The holiday season is a time for joy and celebration, but for many of the children and families in our projects, it can be a challenging period. Poverty and difficult living conditions are a daily reality, and your assistance plays a crucial role in providing them with a sense of hope and security.

In our ongoing efforts to support vulnerable communities, we have encountered unique challenges this year. The global economic climate and local conditions have affected our ability to conduct our usual extra Christmas giving and parties. Despite these challenges, our children are hopeful for a small Christmas gift, and we believe that, together, we can make a significant impact.

We invite you to be a part of this special initiative by visiting our online Christmas shop at www.starofhope.us/shop. Your contribution, whether big or small, will go directly towards providing Christmas gifts to the extremely vulnerable children we serve.

To provide you with a glimpse of our ongoing projects, here are updates from some of the countries we are actively involved in:



Led by David Johansson, our team continues to focus on the Toba/Qom minority group, providing educational support to 180 youths and distributing monthly food packages to 450 vulnerable families. Your support has also enabled us to run a bilingual Preschool, Jardín Alba, offering education in both Toba and Spanish. Several Churches are open and running, the largest has over 2000 attendees on a regular basis.



Under the leadership of Elena Titova, our organization is dedicated to assisting children and young people with disabilities, reaching out to 2200 families. Beyond day-to-day programs, we organize various activities, festivals, excursions, and summer camps, contributing to the total well-being of the supported individuals and their families.


The Philippines:

In TayTay, the project initiated by Gani and Liling Coruna supports nearly 1000 students up to the 10th grade, with additional efforts in Infanta and Crame. Your support has been pivotal in providing a protective living arrangement, Stars Dorm, for vulnerable girls. Several Churches are working as well. 



Our seven schools and churches are running, some on a flexible schedule. Haiti is now facing challenges of flooding and security issues, our recent distribution of 1200 food packages in Dano and Hesse was crucial for the affected communities. Your contribution ensures that we can continue providing assistance in times of crisis.

With gangs ruling over 80% of the capital and several outlying places the country is at the most dangerous point in time. The children of course suffer the most.



Under the management of Gilbert Ochieng, our multifaceted educational initiative in Kenya supports six preschools, providing school materials and daily meals to 1000 children. The organization also extends its support beyond grade school, assisting high school and university students. Several Churches are working as well as the prison ministry. 


Romania & Moldova:

Our centers, operational since 1989, provide essential support to 300 children and youths with disabilities. Your support helps us facilitate activities aimed at developing skills, inspiring the establishment of new resource centers by the Romanian government.

This Christmas, your contribution can make a lasting difference in the lives of these children and families. We sincerely thank you for considering our appeal and for being a beacon of hope for those in need. Bible classes are ongoing.

Give hope to children in need this holiday season through Star of Hope. Your generosity transforms lives in Argentina, Belarus, the Philippines, Haiti, Kenya, and Romania & Moldova. Amidst unique challenges, your donation is a lifeline, ensuring vulnerable children and families get the love, support, and resources they need.

From education to food distribution and safe spaces, your contribution sparks joy and creates lasting memories. Spread warmth and belonging this Christmas at www.starofhope.us/shop. Let's make this season magical for those who need it most.

For donations or more on our projects, visit www.starofhope.us/donate. Your kindness is the guiding star to a brighter future. Thanks for your ongoing support.

Wishing you a joyous holiday season!

Mark Presson CEO

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Blessings to you and the people in your life. This month I share a press release in lieu of a letter.

The information surrounds the situation in Ukraine, and introduces a wonderful song that was made for all of us!

It's called "Pray for Ukraine" and it is located here.



Star of Hope provides essential aid to Ukrainian refugees.

Kansas, USA - March 2, 2023 - Almost forty years ago, in 1986, a nuclear power plant located in north Ukraine was involved in an accident that was rated as a maximum severity level. The disaster, which resulted in the meltdown of a reactor core followed by a fire that raged for about a week, released radioactive contaminants into the air to land in other countries as well as the surrounding community. Since then, Ukraine has faced numerous challenges, including a recent military invasion by Russia, forcing thousands of refugees to flee to neighboring countries. Among those offering aid is Star of Hope, a Kansas-based international organization with a focus on children.

Star of Hope has been working in Ukraine since the Chornobyl disaster, providing assistance to affected children and their families. They started sending shipments to the hospitals treating these children, and camps were developed to help the affected children become part of the world around them. Specialized facilities were also developed, especially in Romania, for helping children with disabilities.

Through years of experience in Romania, Star of Hope has developed processes and methods of effective help for those who are struggling during this time of uncertainty. A five-point program has been developed to provide essential aid to Ukrainian refugees, which has included emergency shipments of trucks to the heart of Ukraine with a priority of including small wood-burning stoves to help during the winter, turning Romanian children's centers into shelters, emergency transportation and support of refugees to the Star of Hope retreat in Sweden, medicine for those children who have lost their thyroid gland due to cancer, and caring for the Ukrainian refugees. Mark Presson, CEO says” …every day since the start our staff has been at the border offering assistance.” One worker on the borders front line says, ”The help you give your fellow human beings can leave shimmering rings on the water decades later.”

Simon Ådahl & Peo Thyren 


Link to Video and sound file:


Link to the music video:

Link to the sound file:

Star of Hope is asking for support at the borders, feeding the refugees, fuel for the transportation of goods and people, medicines, and support for traumatized families from Ukraine. They urge everyone to spread the word of the need and visit their website, www.starofhope.us, to donate or learn more.

Ask: Please share the video and audio with your friends.

Rich Blessings and thank you for all you do!

Mark Presson

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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