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Reported by Aura Vatamaniuc, Star of Hope Romania

I am very thankful to God for the big success the Conference we had this summer in Sucevita, Romania. It rained outside and inside the conference room and it rained many blessings from the Lord. His word touched every woman and man who was inside including the children. We had more than 170 participants. Thank you so much for all your prayers and economic support.

Reported by Aura Vatamaniuc, Star of Hope, Romania

"We are learning what we need to know"

We want to give praise to the Lord for the wonderful speakers we had. We were honored to have for the first time in Romania pastor Brit Krogedal and her daughter Caroline Aarsvold from Norway. Brit was talking about Faith, Hope and Love in our life. This year was also a special added benefit as it was also declared the Year of Endurance for Romania.

The woman enjoyed to hear about the SISTERHOOD. We loved to hear that 20.000 woman are praying for us.

Caroline gave her testimony about how she was motivated by her mother to follow Jesus. Her worship songs were wonderful to bring us more close to God. Fantastic voice!

Pastor Hakon Skaug, representative from Star of Hope Norway, presented the subject "The mark of a real Man" this helped the men to find out what are the changes they can do to be the best husbands and good fathers.

Maine Olofsson, the representative from Star of Hope shared from her experience, remembering 20 years ago in Romania when the children with disabilities were abandoned in big orphanages. She mentioned the inspiration the Lord gave to Star of hope Romania to start to work with the parents in 1999 until today in order to prevent the children to end up in institutions. Today Star of Hope Romania has the biggest network with the parents who have children with disabilities in Romania. (More than 1000 parents in 10 Parents Associations)

Aura Vatamaniuc, Star of Hope Romania - Maine Olofsson,Star of Hope

Maine and Aura, movers and shakers.

The message given was to lift up the eyes to the Lord from where the help comes, not to the circumstances Romania is in: insecurity political, social and economic.

Pastor Heather Dyce from England gave her testimony of life which was very impressive because she talked about the hard time in her life before she met Jesus. The experience she has in counseling has helped many mothers to open their heart and also to pray. The mothers have let the tears come out. They expressed the need they have that someone takes their burden.

The family of Chris and Ruth Baker was given their testimony of life which shows the intervention of the Lord just at the right time. They guided the participants through practical exercises during the seminars about family relation and relation with God. This family helped very much with the preparation of the program for the Conferences and helped with the moderation in the separate groups with mothers and fathers.

The translation was very good because we had family Vasiliu Florin and Denis which are pastors and teachers in English.

We had a nice, group of singers inspired by the Lord which lead us during the time of worship.

Womens Conference 2012 Star of Hope Romania

Some of the participants in a magical place.

I am so enthusiastic and inspired by God to go on in my work at Star of Hope Romania, after I heard all the testimonies from the woman and their husband. I was crying together with them when I heard that they so much liked the Conference which was based on Christian message from the Bible. They said they did not expect that it and were not used with it but they appreciated that we created a very good atmosphere, they felt precious and they learned to communicate better, to be more open to speak about their huge problem and to give themselves to the Lord. For many It was their first experience to hear somebody praying loud and sing together.

We love you and all the people from USA who was supporting us during the Conference.

Aura Vatamaniuc, Star of Hope Romania




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