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Star of Hope's Star began work in Kenya in 1987. We provide quality education to poor children in areas around the coastal town of Mombasa where the municipal school is substandard but improving. We have strong and creative management that fights for the best interests of the children and constantly tries to develop the projects we work in.


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Pre-school in Mikindani
Pre-school was built in 1987. It is well-equipped, well-maintained and very popular. All children receive school uniforms and school supplies. The teachers are local staff from Mikindani and receive ongoing further education.

The school is teaching about salvation and the Bible is taught on an age-appropriate level.  The children are served porridge in the morning, and a meal is hot at lunch. They also have access to clean drinking water. We continuously introduce new teaching techniques to develop and adapt the education in certain subjects. The youngest children are too small to sit still for a long time. We incorporated various interactive tools including methods for indoors and outdoors. This includes educational cartoons, computer games, but also several games for the kids done outside.

We continuously educate teachers to make them their best when it comes to developing young children. We also built a new pre-school playground. In common, these upgrades and changes gave a good impact and improved results in all classes.

We do excursions for children's development periodically. The highlight is to visit "Haller Park" a natural park where the children learned about different animals like giraffes, turtles, worms, hippos, and various types of antelopes. This is a much-appreciated trip with the students as most can not go on a safari.

To increase safety at preschool, surveillance cameras were installed in all classrooms and even outdoors in September 2016.  Nowadays, we also offer the smallest children to go to kindergarten, even if they are only there to play. This to relieve families further so that parents can work, and get some breathing space.

Living Word in Mikindani
Our primary school Living Word is located in Mikindani, just a stone's throw from the kindergarten. It makes it natural for the children to continue their education here after preschool. We have about 270 students.

The school is teaching daily about salvation and the Bible is taught on an age-appropriate level.

The children get school uniforms, school supplies and the teachers are well educated and committed. The students' results are very good compared to other private and municipal schools in the region. For the last three years, all the children who completed the eight-year grade have passed the examinations and qualified for the High-School.

The children are served porridge in the morning, and a meal is hot at lunch. They also have access to clean drinking water.

In a unique collaboration with a local bank, we have launched a scholarship program called "Wings to Fly". The program offers young people with good grades but without the money to study at High-School. Currently, there are many students in this program. In total, over 2200 children have graduated from the Living Word primary school since the start.

Our school in Jimba is located in a region of high poverty, widespread malnutrition, and a high degree of child labor. We started a preschool here in 2008, and today also offers elementary school up to grade five. Over 1000 children have attended school in Jimba since the start in 2016, and then they continued to other elementary schools in the region.

We want to supplement the school to offer all students eight-year courses in elementary school as well. The results among our elementary school students are among the best in the region, and those who move to other schools in the higher grades are doing very well there. The school is teaching daily about salvation and the Bible is taught on an age-appropriate level. The children are served porridge in the morning, and a meal is hot at lunch. They also have access to clean drinking water.

Living World Church

The Church is active and bringing people to Christ.


Prison Ministry

Star of Hope is also running a prison ministry in Mombasa, Kenya. The prison mission is at Shimo Latewa. There are about 2500 prisoners in 4 different areas and the conditions are not good at all for the basic physical or spiritual needs. Our missionaries prayed for many years to be able to get into the prison system and preach the word on eternal life. Finally, the prayers were answered when a new prison manager was appointed and she was a believer who opened the doors to Star of Hope. Many prisoners have now been saved. This work is helping many men come to Christ.


Trade school
In 2001, we started a vocational school in Mikindani. Since then, we have offered courses in a variety of subjects. We teach courses such as welding, editing, construction work, and embroidery. The students bring a nice trade skill after graduation, and many get work in different businesses or start their manufacturing.

Development projects
To develop the work and provide better service to the children, we have started a few development projects.

To give the children a more varied and more useful diet at the school lunch we have started up a couple of own vegetables and fruit plants. We grow corn, beans, bananas, and different vegetables. The cultivations are at our vocational school and our school in Jimba. The left-over products are sold in local markets in the area.

Animal farm
We have also started a small farm where we have some animals such as goats, cows, and pigs. With these animals, we can get some milk and also meat as a complement to the daily lunch. This project is relatively new but already yields little returns. Hopefully, we can develop this part to give the kids an even more nutritious lunch.

For a couple of years, we started a water project, where we clean water and sell in bottles under the name Gunnar. With this surplus, we fund eleven young people with their education at High-School after they finish the Living Word primary school. We hope for increased development, production and profit so we can give more and more young people the chance to study at higher levels.

The schools are used as secure parking lots at night the fees help augment the budget.

School Bus
A school bus is in traffic for hire when not in use to augment the budget.


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Facts: Kenya

Population: 41,609,728 (2011)
Government: Republic, unitary state
Area: 582 646 km2
Capital: Nairobi, 3 200 000 residents (2010)
Population Growth: 2,9 %
Per Capita Income: $875 USD (2011)
Currency: Kenya Shilling
Language(s): Swahili (Kiswahili), english and about 30 local languages
Primary Exports: Agricultural produces, coffee, fruit and tea
Religion:  Majority Christians with indigenous religions.
Literacy: 87 %
Percentage of children starting primary school: 82,8 % (2009)