Water in Haiti

Think of the hottest day you have ever experienced. Weeding the garden? Repairing a fense? Changing a tire?Do you remember how thirsty you were? What did you do? Pull a cold bottle of water out of the fridge? Fill a big glass of clean water from the tap? Which tap? kitchen, washroom, outside faucet? We are surrounded by fresh, clean water at all times. We do not have to make a choice of whether to use the water for cooking or washing our hands as is the case for most of the rural Haitian dwellers.

Water in Haiti is a precious commodity. Imagine walking 2 hours to get this bucket of water and then walking back home with it on your head. It happens. Some of our schools have no dependable source of clean water, forcing the children to help by carrying water to the school from a public water stand, river or well. It is a statistical fact that clean water would reduce the number of deaths caused by diar­rhea or other intestinal diseases by 50%.

Look again at the smile on the school girl's face (obverse side). It is impossible for us to even imagine the joy she receives to be able to fill her container in such an easy manner.

There are two ways to provide safe water:

1. Digging a Well

* Cased water well with pump

* It can be a hand pump or solar electric

2. Reservoir / Cistern

* Some locations don't have good ground water available

* Cistern/Reservoir is built to capture run-off rain water from school/church roof

Star of Hope is currently trying to raise the funds to provide water in six (6) new locations. Because of the influx of refugees following the earthquake, one location requires 2 community wells.

It is good for the community also because it affords the opportunity to employee local help. They get clean water as well as a job for a pe­riod of time. They have a vested interest in doing the best job possible.


Please also download the project description, then you can print or share the project information with your family and friends.




 Project Goal


Faith Children's Home - well

Bois Negresse - cistern

Jeanton - 2 wells

Rigaud - Well

Hesse - Cistern

Anyone who drinks the water I give will never thirst - not ever. The water I give will be an artesian spring within, gushing fountains of endless life.

John 4:14

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