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It is possible to send small packages to sponsor children in most of our project countries. However, to avoid creating unnecessary injustices among children have this in mind:


All children do not have sponsors who send packages, for the sake of them, you may want to send something that all children in the project or the school can enjoy.

Do not send too expensive gifts, it causes jealousy and can easily be stolen.

Do not send gifts that can cause delays in customs or be destroyed along the way, for example, some candy, food, medicines, cash, gifts that contain batteries, or gifts of metal.

Postal management in many countries is uncertain, which means that it may take time for packages to arrive. We as an organization cannot guarantee that all packets arrive.

Postal management also means that you cannot write the child's name directly in the contact address. The child's name, identity number, and project should be written inside the package.

Tips on appropriate gifts:

Coloring book/drawing book

Color pencils or crayons

Photographs and postcards



Pencils, pencil sharpener, eraser


Plastic Toys for sandbox / beach

Stickers and bookmarks

Jump Rope


Small toy cars made of plastic

Stuffed animals or dolls


What Address Do I Send the Package To?

We do not disclose a sponsor child's address, both for safety reasons and also because many children have no address. Use the contact address provided in your starter pack or find the address here: addresses of our project countries.

I am a food or project sponsor, can I send gifts?

Yes, just remember that you are giving a gift to a whole group of children.

What does it mean to give a "special gift"?

Instead of sending a package, you can give your sponsored child (or project) an extra gift. Our staff in the project countries then buy a gift for the child or project, usually something they need.

"Special gift" can also be used to organize a party or outing for all children who had a birthday the past month or quarter, other places use it to fund something that the whole class or pre-school group needs.

To give an extra gift to your sponsor child or project is entirely voluntary and nothing you have to do.

How do I send an extra gift to my sponsored child or projects?

When you give an extra gift give your donor number or name and address, and purpose for your gift (birthday, Christmas), and the amount you want to give. You need not state the name of your sponsored child, it appears from your donor number. That is, unless you have several sponsored children, then type the name of the child you want to give the gift to. You can pay on our secure payment solution on the web or send a check to Star of Hope, PO BOX 427, Ellinwood, KS, 67526

Need payment form, please call us at 620 564 3355

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