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1958 Erik Gunnar Eriksson is enrolled in Bible School in Örebro, Sweden.

1964 First Kärrsjö, Sweden conference.

1965 The seed is sown to start a mission.

1966 Tent Mission, Sweden was formed. The activities included campaigns, Bible schools, evangelism through national workers in different countries.

1966 Decided to start Bible schools in Brazil.

1970 Humanitarian actions begin. Orphanage Estrela da Esperança (Star of Hope) in Montes Claros, Brazil is founded.

1971 Decided to run Bible schools in Kenya and Uganda.

1974 Star of Hope's first kindergarten was started in Kenya.

1976 Chaco, Argetntina village development program starts.

1978 Star of Hope founder Erik Gunnar Eriksson becomes honorary citizen of Brazil.

1979 Tent Mission forms Star of Hope to raise funds for social activities and reach outside the churches.

1981 Tent Mission becomes associate member of SMR (Swedish Mission Council) and can thereby obtain SIDA funding for operations in the world.

1981 our aid shipments cross the iron curtain to Poland, almost ten years before the Berlin wall falls.

1984 Star of Hope in Norway formed.

1985 Star of Hope decided to go into active emergency first operation was the big earthquake in Mexico City.

1987 Star of Hope International, America, Inc was incorporated in the State of Florida on Sept 11, 1987. The IRS granted 501(c)(3) tax exempt status on June 8, 1990 retroactive to the founding date.

1988 Star of Hope helped show the world the plight of 28 000 dying and forgotten young boys in the refugee camp Fugnido in Sudan. The operation rescued 100 000 thousands of people to life.

1989 Star of Hope in Finland formed.

1989 Christmas Day: The first trailers with emergency help drove into a revolution-torn Romania. This was the start of the Star of Hope extensive work among children in Eastern Europe.

1993 started work among the children from Chernobyl radiation area.

1998 we were the first international relief organization in China after a great flood disaster. The operation saved the lives of thousands affected Chinese people.

1998 Star of Hope received through Erik Gunnar Eriksson Russian President Boris Yeltsin's honorary medal.

1999 In recognition of many non-profit efforts among vulnerable people Star of Hope through Erik Gunnar Eriksson was awarded the Swedish King's Medal of the eighth size of the bright-blue ribbon.

2000 On the tenth anniversary of the Romanian Revolution Romanian Government decided to bestow on Star of Hope through Erik Gunnar Eriksson with an award for work among Romania's disabled children.

2000 During her visit to Vindeln, Sweden Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden meet with Russian children from the Chernobyl area, which were at a Star of Hope recreational camp.

2002 Star of Hope America moved its principal place of business to Ellinwood Kansas.

2002 Tent Mission becomes a member of SMC (Swedish Missions Council).

2003 Star of Hope is the first Swedish aid organization on the ground in the Iraq War. Medical oxygen is delivered to hospitals in southern Iraq.

2004 a very successful disaster response in the middle of a raging civil war in Haiti are implemented.

2004-2005 tsunami disaster in Southeast Asia shake the world. Star of Hope was in action in the Philippines and Indonesia, where trucks and a helicopter were assisting vulnerable people on Sumatra's west coast.

2005 Star of Hope Finland begins humanitarian deliveries in Lithuania.

2006 Typhoon Durian hit our projects in the Philippines. Star of Hope delivered relief aid.

2006 Erik Lennart Eriksson the son of the founder, is named CEO for both Tent Mission and Star of Hope,Sweden upon his fathers death.

2007 Haiti Love and Faith Ministries entered into a joint working agreement with Star of Hope America.

2007 Hurricane Dean hit Haiti Star of Hope delivered food and other relief aid.

2008 Food shortages in Haiti -Star of Hope responded with extensive relief aid.

2008 Several Hurricanes hit Haiti in a row. Star of Hope delivered mainly food. This also resulted in starting our distribution of goats and chickens.

2008 The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted a certificate of Registration for the name Star of Hope International.

2008 Evangelical Child and Family Service, Salfordville Pennsylvania entered into a joint working agreement with Star of Hope Americato support a project in Haiti,i

2008 Extensive work in prisons in Kenya has a high profile both in Kenya and Sweden.

2009 Star of Hope School in Taytay, Philippines was flooded for several months. School was used for relief aid to the stricken family around the school.

2010 Star of Hope Romania inaugurated a new Resource Center.

2010 The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted a certificate of Registration for the name Star of Hope.

2010 Star of Hope assisted in the Haiti earthquake leading to rebuilding of 5 schools, water project etc.

2011 Star of Hope went in with relief aid to refugees in northern Kenya.

2011 Star of Hope America started to work with Jehova Sama, Mexico

2012 Substantial capital improvements both new construction and repair were complete in Haiti.

2013 Star of Hope's current development director Lennart Eriksson received the same award as his father Erik Gunnar; the "Star of Romania" with its chivalry title, in recognition of many years of work in Romania.

2014 the Star of Hope is a unique voice for the Roma people. Twenty-five years of successful operations have given Star of Hope a unique voice in Romania.

2015-Resource centers opened in Romania to help the Roma people understand and learn about their rights and opportunities. 

2015 In the Philippines a school addition was complicated in Infanta. 

2016 Now 5 resource centers are open in Romania to help the Roma people.

2016 A Huge soccer complex was completed in Dano Haiti, it will serve 5 villages.

2017 Two new resource centers built and staffed to help Roma Children in Romania

2018 Awana International partnership started in Haiti. Four new water wells drilled in Haiti. Kenya Star of Hope schools is top rated in GPA in all of Kenya. 

2018 A needed girls center was built and staffed in The Philippines. A new additional resource center built and staffed in Romania. 4 wells drilled in Haiti

2018 A new resource centers built and staffed to help Roma Children in Romania 

2019 Awana International partnership started in Ghana.

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