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Star of Hope has a desire to tailor a CSR package to fit your beliefs, needs and culture; we are adept at all sizes and types of corporate gifts. Although we hope to hear what you have for ideas we understand it's not easy to figure everything out, here are some ideas to get you started.

Some examples of how you can support the kids or the projects.

Sponsor a child or even a hundred

We have professional sport teams and international businesses who have many sponsored children. But actually some of our most treasured stories are from small businesses who started with one sponsored child and have through time seen good business returns. Then through time taken more sponsored children till the numbers are well over 100. It is obviously for some a blessing to be both good and profitable! And there is a pride in the children of interested companies and organizations. The first thing you see when you walk in with them is often a wall where pictures of all sponsored children are posted. Likewise these relationships usually develop into visits to the children by management and staff.

Products and Services

Any kind of serious involvement is welcome. Often involvement is via support a project with financial resources, but of course you and your company are able to make donnations like gifts in kind directly to the projects. This could be the products you sell or produce, or even your services and expertise.

Celebrate holidays and special days

Why not replace the formal company gifts, gifts for staff, Christmas cards and gifts to customers with a goat or a chicken? What happiness that so many others who really need them, receive and you and your staff or customers can be in on the good work. Gifts may also be food packages to poor families in Argentina, housing in the Philippines, a day out for children who have never been part of such a, a playground, a classroom ... The needs are enormous. And we have several different ideas for you.

Collection Boxes

A good idea is to have the information and collection boxes for the projects it is involved in at reception, customer reception, at the checkout or in the store.

Mother's Day Package / Christmas package

Why not set aside a day where staff collect funds for pack Mother's Day packages or Christmas packages to vulnerable families in the world. On such a day means so much to the people who receive packets and the company gives a nice day to hang out with each other.

Collection Events

You can organize an event, open days or similar (large or small) to gather money for the company's projects.

Information and advertising space

The children and their families need help, but to get it one must also reach out to people with information. Perhaps your company has the opportunity to help the children by bringing out this important message?

One example is if your project instead of playing just music in the lobby or store could include a jingle from Star of Hope.

When you are waiting to come on the phone often played music, but why not take the opportunity to talk about the company's CSR work and the projects it supports, instead?

Cash Donations

You can give your gift in different ways: via the Internet, bank transfer, direct debit.

Owner operators

We can actually accept raw materials, agrigurictural products, oil products, land, wells or interest thereof or other capital investments.


The company can create a fund in which such employees and management allocates a certain amount to help children.


Give one hour of work a month Intended one hour when salary goes to its own aid projects.




Star of Hope equips children across the world with knowledge, physical well-being, spiritual growth and social skills through educational programs and local and international partnerships.


Did you know that...

18 landerYour generosity expands Star of Hope's reach to 15 countries worldwide. Thanks to you, we're making a global impact.

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Because of people like you, more than 20,000 children receive education and care through Star of Hope.


Trusted for over 50 years to "make the right change happen".


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