We are accepting funds to deliver food and needed items to Kyiv. To assist our partners in Ukraine in helping war-torn victims.

The hurdles are; purchasing and transport we have staff on site. We also have taken and will take refugees to Romania and Sweden. "People are forced to flee their homes. Urgent needs arise for the most basic needs. It's about food, water, clothes, medicines, and shelter. Our long-standing relationship with Ukraine and its people gives us unique opportunities to act quickly and reach out with targeted efforts," says CEO Mark Presson.
Other acute needs are food kits, lunches, and food for families in Haiti.


File photo European Children in fear. - Jared Enos 



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Information on the Girls in danger program is here.

Information on the 50 -50 program is here.

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Here is more information if needed. Please be observant of the fact that the poor and the marginalized will be hurt the most. We are not pessimistic; we are honest and know this event will continue to shape the year. Even with a swift recovery, we know that the Coronavirus will have a lasting impact on the earth.  

The threat and impact of Coronavirus (or COVID-19) are spreading in the places we work most have no real healthcare systems. The people we help, families, and children are most at risk. Our teams are already on the ground and ready to help support those in need, as the situation develops. Please rush your donation to help us reach as many people as possible.

We appeal to you for gifts to our emergency fund now, so we will be able to respond quickly to the appeals from our projects. We know that Non Profits traditionally will be the first to suffer from some economic and financial fallout.

Now you know why it is of utmost importance to give perhaps just 10 dollars a month to maintain a continuity of care to our projects. Together we are strong and will help keep and restore our children's lives. 

Again, people stop giving when scared or fearful and that is why we need extra help now, is it you?

Action items for you and your household's consideration: 

1. Donate now to our Emergency fund - help us be ready to act not just react.

2. TEXT to give or crowdfund - text coronavirus to 71777


We want our kids healthy and in a normal environment.

In other words...


Star of Hope is responding daily to the growing after-effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. Real or not the Corona pandemic has changed economies and brought about shortages worldwide. As with all disease outbreaks, it is the people we help, the families, and the children who are most at risk.

These at-risk populations face threats that extend beyond health, including a collapse of normalcy and income. Our response includes training the children and families worldwide on how to protect themselves and prevent the further spread of the disease. We will also supply health materials, as needed case by case, country by country.

Star of Hope is celebrating its 50th year and we ask please make a donation today to support this mission, and help us do our part to contain the Coronavirus outbreak. Your support can help us reach more children.

Action items for you and your household's consideration: 

Donate now to our Emergency fund - help us be ready to act not just react.

Not sure but want to help? Call 866 653 0321 and let's talk or just help with a gift right now...


Pray for us and our workers! We are praying for you.


Blessings and thanks.

Mark Presson, CEO Star of Hope




 Here are a few examples of what is on our hearts in the New Year and where your blessings would go if unspecified.

• Continue to ensure our children receive a better education through:
• Teacher training 
• Continue the Lunch program “lunch buddy” (over 150 000 lunches has been funded because of our Lunch Buddy program)
• Drill more water wells.
• Provide more training and services to families caring for children with disabilities
• Conduct more Bible classes for adults, children, and youth
• Continue to develop a legacy giving fund.
• Start a daughter entity “Tent Mission”.

This year 2020, we will start a new entity called “Tent Mission” we have heard that some of you and some potential donors desire to give to a more evangelization-specific bible true partner. That partner will be “Tent Mission” and will be under the Star of Hope umbrella.
Inversely those who want to give to different development and classic education can continue with Star of Hope.

Blessings and hope to you and yours for a wonderful New Year.

Star of Hope



Did you know that...

18 landerThanks to you, Star of Hope works in 15 countries around the world.

30000 barn

Also because of people like you, more than 30,000 children receive education and care through Star of Hope.


Trusted for over 50 years to "make change happen".


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