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UPDATE 4 25 2017
Flood on the south coast. Hurricane Matthew, who destroyed so much in October, was followed by the worst drought in 15 years.

For six months, Haiti's people have prayed for rain - but what they've got is another catastrophe.

Since Friday, heavy clouds have drowned the streets of Les Cayes and washed away the only bridge that ties the town with its surroundings. In neighboring towns, Roche Jaboin and Debouchette, where Hope's Star handed out emergency relief for three consecutive days during the drought to prevent hunger, people still live in temporary shelters built from remnants from the homes of Hurricane Matthew destroyed.

Now, many of the shacks (read houses) have been flushed away - along with the new crops that have finally been planted.

The situation is acute - and we can not wait! Help us put an end to suffering in Haiti!



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Haiti threatened by famine 1.26.2017

Four months have passed since the hurricane disaster in Haiti - but while the world's attention was directed towards the images of ruined towns, forgotten was the south side of Haiti's southern peninsula. There, the large food producing land was leveled and all crops destroyed. That fact is now creating a situation more serious than the situation immediately after the disaster.

The current state is that 800 000 women, men, and children face acute food shortages, some starvation.

A series of unfortunate factors have contributed to the current crisis situation. Sixty, 60 percent of Haiti's agricultural products were grown in the worst affected region, and which destroyed over 75 percent of all crops.
marigot 2.JPG

Hurricane Matthew swept away all the newly planted crops that would have given harvest in November and destroyed the buds of the fruit trees that would have been harvested now. Furthermore, hurricane Matthew killed the majority of all cattle in the area.

It was expected that vegetation would start to recover within three months, but the hurricane has been accompanied by a severe drought. The rains that normally fall 2-4 times per month in this period has not come. Much of the country has not had a single rainfall since October. Lack of drinking water is increasing every day. When the rain will come to the country, it faces a new problem, as only 18 percent of the country's farmers have received new seeds to plant. In addition, the grain of milo, the only crop that can be harvested in January was destroyed by a nationwide disease infestation.

“We are looking for donations to help fend off starvation, suffering and possible loss of life. Many have told me, Haiti seems to get hit all the time, I tell them this is different, so many negative factors hitting at once”.

Antonio Boursiquot, project manager for the aid organization Star of Hope Haiti says, “Milo is called ‘poor food’ here in Haiti because it is the only thing holding the most vulnerable alive in January. Without it, they have nothing” Tony continues “...of the 3 million that was hardest hit in October, half of those people are still in a difficult situation”, he continues, “ the further to the south you go, the worse it gets”.

Antonio has delivered emergency relief Debouchette village on the south coast, where 95 percent of all houses were damaged in the hurricane. For lack of better materials, they build houses here of a clay that dissolves during heavy downpours. Of the affected, homes, 48 percent were 100% destroyed, and no recovery has taken place.


The inhabitants live either in the ruins of their old homes or in shacks built of debris from the destroyed houses. The floor is literally all that remains of 65-year-old Vilna Joseph's house. “Every night I get bitten by insects, and insects, she says. It's a nightmare. My house is gone; I am old and have nowhere to spend my last days”.

Vilna and the other villagers have survived thanks to food parcels were distributed in October and December, but now it's out of food - and the drought continues.
A few kilometers away, in the seaside community of Roche Jaboin, the situation is even more serious. It was completely destroyed, all houses and every fishing boat are gone. Given the lack of arable land here are the inhabitants depend on fishing, but they are still without boats, for they have neither the material nor the tools required to build new ones.




“Life was much easier just after the hurricane than today,” says local Justa Henry, “Then there was at least something to eat.”

On Friday and Saturday, this week Star of Hope and Antonio Boursiquot returns to Debouchette and Roche-Jaboin for a new emergency delivery of food packages.

“The best way we can help today is to give food, Tony says.” ...for if we give seeds now, they will eat them to survive with nothing left to plant”.

help is needed and we appeal to you to help and share this news, now you know and the rest is up to you.


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Hesse Haiti October 2016


Hurricane Matthew destroyed so much and now there is "acute need".

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Oct 21

Dennis Thern with an update from Haiti.
Disaster relief; I am glad that Star of Hope was able to collect all that money so we can help the poor and desperate people in the fishing village. Many have not eaten for a week or more. They have nothing. It feels great that so many have given money to a good purpose.
So the other day Star of Hope did a food delivery to the completely destroyed village.
Over 500 packages of rice, pasta, beans and more was delivered in disaster relief in cooperation with local authorities.
Many thanks for your gift. We will distribute more food to those affected in Haiti. Please continue to support us. THANKS!
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 fishing village Haiti gets help from usa


OCT 20

Dennis Thern from Haiti reports.
A few days ago we came to the small fishing village of Roche Jaboin on the south coast of Haiti. I got a shock and flashback from another time. The whole village was destroyed. It looked like after the Asian tsunami in 2004. I was in Thailand then and it is scary how similar it was the places I visited then.
Now it looked like a landscape made in a disaster movie, broken down and deserted. Just that it's real.
Only a few of the village's 233 houses remained standing. All the village's 75 fishing boats were swept away too. Animals, agriculture, fruit trees were gone forever.
Villagers whom mostly live from hand to mouth have no food now, and can not support themselves in any way. It takes time to build new fishing boats so the fishermen can pull out to sea again and try to earn a living. But what will make the boats from? There are no trees.
At the rescue center, which is a private residence that held the hurricane, hosts 103 people. It is crowded, hot and unworthy for use as this. But what should they do?
I felt really ill to go around among the ruined houses. It was a surreal feeling.
What is the future for these people?

village matthew haiti star of hope delivered food hereDennis Thern

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OCT 16

Update #Matthew intervention by Dennis Thern
The small fishing village of Roche Jaboin on the southern peninsula of Haiti was destroyed by #HurricaneMatthew. Only half a dozen houses of more than 200 are still standing. Livestock, crops, fruit plantations and 75 fishing boats were swept away by a giant wave during the hurricane. 1876 residents, 2 deaths reported and again all the crops are gone!
Today, Star of Hope delivered food packages to all families in the village, plus people in nearby areas. The packages were incredibly appreciated. Thanks to you who have made this effort possible!
More help is needed:donate on our facebook front page or

village of Roche Jaboin


OCT 12

Star of Hope's Dennis Thern blogs from Haiti.
Once again I’m in Haiti again. Two years ago since last time. Then it was to follow up the reconstruction of the Star of Hope schools that were destroyed by the devastating earthquake of 2010. The schools had also developed solar panels for electricity supply, computer training, new water wells and much more. It was great to see the fantastic work that was done.
Now I’m here again in the wake of another disaster. The Star of Hope has made many disasters reliefs during the 30 years they have worked in the country. I've been here during a few of them. The latest major disaster was the earthquake in 2010. Much of the reconstruction made after it is gone again. Many Haitians in our projects must start from scratch. Houses are destroyed. Livestock away. The crops are swept away.
Many Haitians are wondering when the eternal cycle of bad luck and unfairness will be broken, so you can start building for the future for real. They have future dreams and hopes just like any of us.
But for now, however, how will they survive the day?
Is there any food today? Can they drink the water? Is it safe, or should they suffer from cholera and other water-borne diseases?
The vulnerable people in Haiti is again dependent on the good-hearted people around the world. For those who live in the seven projects where Star of Hope works is in many cases dependent on Star of Hope again. It is their only hope.
Thank you for your gift. All contributions make a difference.
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