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As a sponsor, you play a vital role in the lives of your sponsored children, and it's important to know that they genuinely appreciate receiving letters and small greetings from you, even if they may not always respond promptly. Often, children may not fully grasp the concept of having a sponsor until they receive a heartfelt message from you.

When a child receives a letter from their sponsor, they proudly share it with their friends. After all, who wouldn't be delighted to receive a message from someone who cares about them? However, it's essential to understand that you need not feel obligated to write lengthy letters; your effort, regardless of its size, is incredibly valuable.

What should you include in your letter? Here are the addresses for our projects.

Since mail handling procedures vary across our project countries, please refrain from writing the child's name directly on the outer envelope. Instead, include the child's name, child ID (found on the photo of your sponsored child), and the project name inside the letter. Our staff will open the letter, translate it if necessary, and then deliver it to the child.

Can you communicate with your sponsored child via email rather than regular mail? Yes, and in fact, most of our countries prefer email due to its lower cost. When sending greetings via email, the process is similar to sending them by postal mail. Start by mentioning the child's name, child ID, and project.

If you opt for email communication, you will also receive responses via email. Please be aware that there may be a delay in receiving responses, particularly if the child's project is far from our headquarters and lacks internet access.

If you're a food or project sponsor, can you still write letters? Absolutely, but keep in mind that you'll be writing to a larger group of children.

If you haven't received any letters or messages from your sponsored child despite being a sponsor for some time, please don't hesitate to contact us. The process varies by country, and there could be instances where your mail hasn't reached its destination. If you suspect this may have happened to you, it's crucial that we hear from you.

Here are some tips to consider when writing, whether by letter or email:

  1. Write in the language specified in the instructions provided in your starter kit (which includes pictures of your sponsored child). In most cases, this will be English.

  2. Keep your messages concise, as translating them into the child's language takes time.

  3. Share relatable and understandable content, such as details about your family, interests, your home, life in America, traditions, and food.

  4. Always extend greetings to the child's parents, if applicable.

  5. Avoid highlighting differences between your country and the child's. Refrain from discussing material possessions, as it may remind the children of what they lack.

  6. Remind the child that you think of and pray for them.

  7. Sending pictures of yourself, your family, or postcards with nice images is always appreciated.

  8. Do not suggest that the child might visit you, as it can create unrealistic expectations. Sponsor visits can be arranged separately.

  9. Avoid mentioning that you send money to the child every month. Your sponsorship contribution covers school fees, teachers, uniforms, school supplies, and more. Children do not receive money directly, and explaining this to parents can be challenging.

  10. For safety and logistical reasons, we do not disclose the sponsor child's address. Please use the contact address provided in your starter pack or refer to our project country addresses.

If you have any further questions about writing letters, please feel free to reach out to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 620-564-3355.

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