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{star of hope} Argentina learn abot them.


In Argentina, the last year has been very difficult and the poverty rate has gone up drastically. With more than half the country living on the borderline and the inflation going up quickly, (only Venezuela has a higher inflation rate) it is extremely hard for the already poor to survive.
Now we are entering the autumn/winter season in Argentina and it does get cold! The houses are not built with isolation and there are gaps everywhere making the cold air come in.

Covid-19 is on the rise again as the season is changing, and even though the country is vaccinating they are still very far from reaching their goal. With irregular deliveries and help from the UN, it is a slow process. They have already hit record high numbers of new infections, and their hospitals are now full.
Picture2.jpgIn the province of Buenos Aires, the schools are closed again and in Chaco, where we are helping the natives Toba, the schools are open if there are no cases. If they find someone infected, they will close the school, and this has a direct effect on the poor. When you don’t have the possibility of working from home and keeping a distance, or even washing your hands, the chances of getting infected are even higher. The children are behind in their very important schoolwork and they also miss out on the school lunches which are so helpful in keeping them healthy.


With poverty on the rise, crime is also on the rise, making the chance of getting robbed much higher.

The future is uncertain for them!
In Chaco, Argentina we work together with the Fundación Evangélica El Buen Pastor, where David Johansson is in charge, and the work they are doing there is fantastic! They are giving out food packages, school materials and are helping everyone in the region. They are going out of their way to give out extra food to the needy, even with the restrictions making it so much more difficult.
For the winter season, we will need help with food, clothes, cleaning products, blankets, and school materials.
Please send HOPE over to our children in Argentina with a donation of your choice and help them to get through the winter.
You can read more about our work in Argentina here:

God Bless,
Isabella Zelaya

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