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Bring Joy to Children: Join Star of Hope's Year-End Appeal!

Together this year, thanks to you, we experienced the joy and accomplishment of changing children’s lives and spreading the Gospel. In spite of the challenges our world faced, your unwavering support kept us going, making a difference where it was needed most.


Despite the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and the complex situation in Haiti, your generosity enabled us to continue our vital work. We've provided assistance to refugees, tackled gang violence, and navigated the absence of a stable government. Through it all, we never gave up!

Your support has allowed us to maintain feeding programs, ensuring that kids and families have access to nourishing meals. In Haiti and Kenya, our farming initiatives have flourished, contributing to sustainable solutions for communities in need.


We've restarted closed programs, offering emotional and psychological support to children facing pandemic-related challenges. Our schools, facing the impact of global inflation, have found innovative ways to keep the educational process going.

The Awana partnership has thrived, and the Gospel is being shared more than ever. The 20,000-plus kids our work touches continue to experience the positive impact of your generosity.


Your contributions have kept our budget alive, and we want to express our heartfelt gratitude. You are not taken for granted, and we truly bless you for your ongoing commitment.

While some plans for new wells had to be postponed, your support has laid the groundwork for future initiatives. This year, our year-end giving will primarily focus on shoring up our feeding budget where it is most needed.


Your year-end gift is not a one-time deal, it is a hand-up, and together with others like you, your gift has the potential to make thousands of boys and girls happy and feel the love. 

Giving them joy by showing them love can create a positive change in the children and ultimately a whole community. It will, I bet, make you feel warm and fuzzy inside too.



Your year-end gift is more than a one-time donation; it is a hand-up that, combined with others like yours, has the potential to bring happiness and love to thousands of boys and girls. By giving them joy and showing them love, we can create a positive change in their lives and, ultimately, in entire communities. We believe it will also make you feel warm and fuzzy inside!


Please consider Star of Hope for your year-end giving, just click here.

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Rich Blessings and thanks!

Mark Presson CEO

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18 landerYour generosity expands Star of Hope's reach to 15 countries worldwide. Thanks to you, we're making a global impact.

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Because of people like you, more than 20,000 children receive education and care through Star of Hope.


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