After driving from Iasi for over 3 hours we arrived to the Star of Hope center in Dorohoi. We were meet by children with disabilities and their parents. The love and hospitality they show us is so touching.


I have received so many hugs and kisses, the children and their parents are so loving and sweet and happy to meet us. One of the most special things I will take with me home is the concern and love they all show us. We have been blessed and prayed for and I have learned so many new things. It is easy to come to another country and think we have a lot of answer’s and solutions and then find out I´m the one getting answer’s and solutions while being totally surrounded by love.

In Dorohoi there are 25 children at the center and 44 parents are involved in the parent association. Some of the children have been there for 10 years, today they are too old to attend but there is no were for them to go so one day a week they are still able to come to the center. Marius who is the president of the parent association said this is one of their biggest concerns, what will happen with their children after they turn 18?  

This is a project were the integration with children with and without disability is working. 2 of the rooms in the building are used for our children with a disability; the rest of the building is for children attending kindergarten.  

It has been a blessing for Star of Hope having the Tillotsons here. It is a first time a child with a disability has come with his family from another country to share their life, both joy and difficulties. It has been hard when it comes to the practical things like stairs and the size of doors etc. Romania is not handicapped accessible for someone needing a wheelchair to get around. But everyone has been so helpful. Hearing parents say after they listened to Debbie and Scott “We have no reason to complain after meeting you, you are so strong and patient. Thank you for bringing us hope and to teach us to be more patient” feels great.  When Debbie shared “God makes people different, we are all God’s creation. God does not make mistake” many of the parents had tears in their eyes. Hearing their child is perfect in Gods eyes was an eye opener and you could feel the relief they felt.

We also went to Botosani were I meet Ioana what a delightful and joyful girl. She wanted me to carry her around while she was kissing and hugging me. I have to say I must have the best job in the world.

One boy I meet in Botosani was Andi. He lived with his single father; his mother left both of them and moved to Italy when he was a baby. Cretu his father was amazing the way he beamed with pride when he talked about Andi. Andi had so many medals from “Special Olympics” and awards for dancing Romanian folkdances. Andi have been selected to go to Bucharest, the capital of Romania to preform and be in a national competition.

When you meet fathers like Cretu you know there is hope for Romania. With Scotts testimony and fathers like Cretu  I´m convinced there will be change among fathers.

I’m so lucky to be able to visit and see all these children and their parents. They are like us we all share the love of our children and they also want what is best for their children.



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