Twenty five, 25 students will soon be graduating from a Star of Hope sewing class in Hesse Haiti. They are young boys and girls, parents and adults that decided to attend the sewing school. The school is supported by Star of Hope Haiti. Now for the first time these courageous students will have a profession and will be able to make their own living after graduation. What a fantastic result.



Some of them plan to go find work that requires their new skill set, others have dreamt to open their own small business working as a professional seamstress to earn an income. For now none of them has a job yet but soon they will graduate and start their new adventure.

If Star of hope had not offered this class, for free, the students would not have had the opportunity to attend sewing class as it simply would have been out of reach economically, to become a seamstress or tailor would be very expensive for a normal Haitian. The tuition is one aspect but then you have the issue of being able to buy material to do the sewing practice in class and as homework.

As Star of hope provides free fabrics to the students they are able make as many samples of dresses after each lesson. Usually Star of Hope purchases the fabric yet sometimes we receive donations of pieces of fabric that we give to the students. The last time star of Hope received donated fabrics for the class was in March this year, it was bags full of different pieces of fabrics that was very welcome and useful. For practice all pieces count no matter how small. Not only are students making dresses for they also practice the economy of the raw materials as to save the precious fabric; any small piece of different color can easily be used to make collars, pockets, leaves, belt and so on.

It is to say that all donated fabric pieces that we received from the family of SallyLou La Pierre have been used and have been greatly appreciated by the 25 students. They are so grateful for the donation that they join star of Hope Haiti staff to greet warmly Karen and the family to thank them for this great donation that means so much to them. The pictures attached prove the students appreciation for the donated fabric.

Tony B Star of Hope, Haiti




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