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There is a new StarTeam in Haiti. Four men from Ellinwood, Kansas will be installing and teaching how to install “hurricane ties” on the new roof structure on the new building in Bois Negresse.

This is a follow up team to the Swedish E-Team that was just there painting the new building.

By seeing that the foreigners place such an importance on this structural tie down Star of Hope project manager Tony has observed that local builders often adapt to these technologies. The acquired skills they then use to improve homes and other buildings in the area.

When I stayed in Haiti for longer period of times in 2010 and 2011 I meet many StarTeam members and it was great times. They brought happiness, joy and they taught the kids and the school staff many different things.

One team came down to teach local workers to produce all the school furniture that Star of Hope now uses in the newly built school.

I’m looking forward to the reports from this week’s StarTeam.

These pics are from earlier Starteam trips when I was in Haiti.







As part of the village development in northern Ghana, Star of Hope in 2004 together with local authorities built the Kulbia dam in the Bolgatanga area. This was the third dam Star of Hope helped with since 1997.

The purpose to construct the dam was to alleviate poverty and underdevelopment in the villages through development programs in the fields of agriculture, and food security.

Approximately 10.000 people live in the area and benefit from the dam.

The villages concerned were very much engaged in the planning and their representatives have been in meetings with both Star of Hope and the Ministry about the construction and their participation.

The primary use of the water from the dam is for the domestic animals and the secondary use for prolongation of the time for kitchen gardening and fields, from the normal four months rainy season up to the year around.

With only four months of rain there is not much water for the development of agriculture – which is the main economic activity of the people of the area. It is not surprising that the area has been experiencing perennial drought and famine with short farming seasons and lack of grass to feed the livestock.

These dams that Star of Hope built has been very useful and appreciated in a very poor area of Ghana.


Pics by Björg Farstad

Argentine President Cristina Kirchner is very popular in his home country, but internationally she is not as well regarded. But what will happen now that the domestic economy is losing momentum?

Over the past ten years the economy has grown by an average of 7% in Argentina. It is good of course and many are satisfied. But this year the increase will, according to experts, only be 2.5%. Argentina also recently become energy importer instead of exporter.

In April, the state mysteriously took control of a local oil company worth $ 10 billion. Spanish major Repsol owner was not happy about this. Add to this the harsh verbal dispute over the Falkland Islands.

At the end of the 1990s the Argentine economy collapsed. It got very favorable loans, but now that the lenders of that time are not paid, they have turned sour and bitter over Kirchner.

With the global uncertainty in the economy together with the state's murky trade barriers and tactics have made that reality catch up. Many experts expect that Argentina will be in real difficulty within soon.
How does economy affect the vulnerable minority populations in Argentina? For the group of Qom in the province of Chaco in northern Argentina, it has become better general in some places over the last 15-20 years.

In and around Saenz Pena, Star of Hope has worked hard to improve conditions in the past thirty years. Through many different efforts the work produce even better results. More and more people come up higher in the educational system with really good grades (although racism and oppression), more and more come into work and create their own opportunities. Most have had a good start in life thanks to Star of Hope.

However, 75-100% of the Qom-population depending on which province lives with many basic needs unmet. No or poor housing, poor access to electricity, water and sanitation are common in some places.
Star of Hope's development continues, and we would like to help more people in different ways and levels.

What will happen now with the Qom population when the economy is shrinking?


Four years old Akiela from grade two at the preschool Star of Hope Maloney in Trinidad shows her workbook.

The teacher has put a little sticker to show that she has approved the assignment. This time Akiela gets credit for the letter fCongratulations!

Recently I wrote about ant loving Denis. Here are a few lines about another sponsored child who raised animals. I met fourteen-year-old Steven a year ago. He enjoys school but has no particular favorite subject, but he dreams of becoming an engineer when he grows up. He thinks it looks interesting, and he believes that there are good labor market for this profession.

In 2010, Steven received a monetary gift from his sponsor in Sweden. He knew immediately that what he wanted to do for money. He bought pigeons, because they are relatively easy to maintain and is a little unusual where he lives in the village of Rigaud. He built a cage for the pigeons and they multiply rapidly. He sold the pigeons on the market, and raised new ones. He had to build a new cage for his growing pigeon herd.

When he raised enough money, Steven bought new shoes to use for school. Then Steven got some money to. For the money, he bought a turkey that is also reproduced, and he sold them as well at the market. For the money, he bought new shoes. Nice to see such a young ambitious guy fight in order to help himself.


Pre-school Star of Hope Maloney opened in 1987 and celebrating its amazing 25 years this year. Pre-school Star of Hope St. Jospeh is celebrating its tenth anniversary.

Hundreds of children have started their school years by Star of Hope in Trinidad and the fine facilities. They have learned to read, write and count. They can play and have fun at the pre-school. Furthermore, everyday the kids get a much needed lunch. The teachers do everything for the children to get a good start in life.

A very important person for that work has moved on so well in Trinidad is country manager Naomi Reid, who is with her big heart very popular among the kids. Here are some pictures of Naomi among the children where she enjoys very good.

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