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Reporting back on the Joy You gave at Christmas 2020.

For over 30 years, we have distributed Christmas packages and presents to the needy in our project countries. It has always been very appreciated and welcomed by the children, the recipients. Many thanks to all of you who have been involved and contributed to the success over the years! This Christmas, in light of the current pandemic, the Christmas packages meant a lot to many hard-pressed families. Also, the presents were tweaked to essential items too, tweaked to help more due to Corona.

Our gifts, presents, and livestock are purchased via our webshop (www.starofhope.us/shop) and then the actual purchase is done in the country, a benefit to all involved. This, in turn, allows us to reach more vulnerable families in each country.

Now we have started to receive images of joy and several nice film clips from the giving, yes it takes a while to get the reports in yet here is what happened after you gave for Christmas.

God bless you all!

From Argentina a great video thanking you! 

 From Argentina another great video thanking you! 

 From The Philippines one of the best and informative thank you for Christmas videos! 

 A fantastic report and Christmas thanks from Romania. 

Greetings from Ghana, special Christmas greetings! 


 Brazil is the birthplace of Star of Hopes development work, Merry Christmas, and thank you from Brazil.

Kenya, with a smile and many thanks, a Christmas thank you. 


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Feedback Christmas "living gifts"
by Dennis Thern | March 19, 2021

The distribution of goats and chickens after the Christmas campaign 2020 has ended. Many thanks to everyone who donated a gift to this popular campaign. Without our donors, nothing would have happened.

Again, thanks to all the generous donors, we have now distributed these gifts to vulnerable families in our projects. They were especially appreciated this time because of the prolonged pandemic that lingers on and affects the poor in the world at a much higher rate.

Since the goat and chicken program was initiated in Haiti in 2009, thousands of goats and hens have been distributed to children in poor villages in our project countries. These animals are popular as they are cheap to operate and manage very well on their own. Yes, we feel it is a micro-business too.

The gifts were ordered, among other things, in our gift shop www.starshop.us/shop, and the customers who asked, received gift certificates to give away to loved ones. Our warmest thanks to everyone who chose to give away these Christmas presents for the benefit of the Star of Hope and the children we help!

Thanks to you, families now have an opportunity for a better and more hopeful future. Each gift makes a big difference for the recipients.

Feel free to visit our gift shop to give away a gift with added value by clicking here. Enjoy some chosen photographs from this year's delivery. 



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