Life as a seasonal cotton picker was not something that attracted Miguel. His major interest was cars. As a teenager he thought about how he could combine his interest with a more steady income.


Miguel grew up in an Indian reservation just outside Saenz Peña in northern Argentina. The family made a living picking cotton when it was the season for it and they also had a small farm.

They had always been poor, agricultural workers, who only had work for a few months a year. Between seasons, they felt they had to try to live on air.

When Miguel was a teenager, he worked as a tractor driver on a large farm. Miguel became interested in cars and engines and knew this is what he wanted to work with. Thanks to the scholarship from Star of Hope, he was educated and is now a car mechanic.

During the training, he was an intern at the workshop where he is now employed. At the workshop he also learned to use computer technology for testing and debugging cars. "I now have a steady income and it feels great. Now I dream to start my own workshop, I think I'm ready for it."

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