When Timoteo Gomez was fired from his work in the municipality of Saenz Peña his future was bleak. Thanks to a scholarship from Star of Hope his seemingly hopeless situation turned into something positive.

A New Opportunity

With support from Star of Hope scholarship program, Timoteo is now a trained bilingual teacher. He speaks both Spanish and Toba, the local Indian language. Following his education, he was given the opportunity to work at the school Luz y Fuerza.(Light and Strength). He enjoys it very much and has grown with the challenge. More and more children from Indian tribes are now in school, but their knowledge of Spanish is often limited in the beginning. Timoteo, with his Indian background, helps make the integration as smooth as possible. He gives children with Indian background hope for the future. Students sees him as a supporting figure and role model that they can go to at any time.

Did you know that...

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